James Harvey

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International Coordinator & Operations Manager, Green Fins / Reef-World Foundation


As a Manager at Reef-World, James has led the development of Green Fins across six Southeast Asian countries since 2008. Today, Green Fins is an approach for managing sustainable diving activities across SE Asia, with a proven conservation impact.

Dive centres join Green Fins for free by committing to implement the code of conduct and allowing qualified Green Fins Assessors to assess their environmental performance on an annual basis. The dive staff are then offered training in sustainable practices and educational materials are provided to maintain and raise awareness amongst staff and customers.

As a marine biologist with over 10 years’ experience working in tropical marine environments, James has worked closely with national governments, dive professionals and international environmental agencies in order to develop Green Fins into a system that is meaningful to all stakeholders.

James enjoys the everyday challenges of his work, specifically working alongside complex social and industry dynamics and the varied environments and cultures that he’s exposed to. James believes that nobody wants to harm the very environment we rely on to survive and that by investing in the education of key people, we can achieve conservation impact on the ground and in the reefs.