3rd PATA International Youth Forum on 6-7 November, 2015

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The awesome PATA International Youth Forum (PIYF) is back again for the year 2015! The first forum (2013) was conceptualized where the delegates embarked on a plane (PIYF is the aircraft / vehicle) to discover their inner self and skills through the destinations which they were visiting (talks and workshops arranged on day two). Last year, under the grand theme of “Crisis Management” the forum was focused on “Managing Crisis and Developing Opportunities: The Challenge for Tourism in Asia”, whereby participants underwent an intense series of simulation exercises to devise their own crisis management plan which was presented to a panel of judges in a competition of survival in crisis.

This year the plane continues its path on “Future of Tourism” where participants will explore the opportunities to what tourism will be able to offer in 30 years. It is themed “Paint the Future: Envisioning Tourism in 30 Years”. 30 years ago, having a touch-screen mobile seems impossible and same goes with accessing to the internet almost everywhere you go. In the 21st century, almost everything is a click away and this made things easier for people to travel. Almost everything is done online or through the internet now, such as booking their own flights, accommodation, and researching about a place online before they travel instead of engaging a travel agency’s services. People now travel at least twice a year to spend time with their family or partner and especially Generation-Y who usually do it because their friends are doing it.

Future is not yet written and it is in our hands to shape it. Prior to the event, participants are required to produce a video that envisions tourism in their countries in 30 years’ time. 30 years would definitely show larger changes compare to only 5 years. These videos will then be used to ‘run’ the event and their videos will get a chance to win the “Best Video Award”! This forum is open to all students, internationals and locals. In the past we had participants arriving from Macau, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia and of course, from Malaysia.

It is a great learning and networking opportunity for students as they get to communicate, works, and share their ideas and visions with students from universities around the region, and they learn from the experts from different fields. It will be a new experience to be able to interact with participants from different backgrounds and nationalities. This year we will also be approaching student chapter and universities from further regions such as Bangladesh, China, Hawaii and more. We will also be targeting local universities as well, so that the international participants will be able to interact with the local students too.