Amélie Yan-Gouiffes

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International Speaker, Conference Facilitator and Inner Diamond Miner

Amélie is an international speaker, member of Global Speakers Federation (GSF) and a certified coach accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Before founding Be and Become ®, Amélie worked for 17 years with international organisations, managing humanitarian teams and projects in war zones and after natural disasters like Ex-Yugoslavia, Colombia, Zimbabwe, Eritrea, Nicaragua, Haiti, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and many others. She brings this rich experience, her strong drive and enthusiasm and cultural understanding to people and organisations that are looking for new ways of growing and expanding.

As a corporate and conference speaker, professional coach and cross-cultural specialist,
Amelie enhances your event by:
-Re-instilling core values to employees, management, and key stakeholders alike
-Reconnecting purpose and getting each individual in attendance to develop and hold specific goals
-Making it exciting and empowering all over again to “uncover inner diamonds” and chase big objectives