Abnormal guide to Vietnam in the spring

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HANOI, January 19, 2018 — Vietnam is absolutely a heaven existing on earth. But watch out. It may be unpleasant if you choose to visit these places during the springtime.

Let me say this first to calm you: for Vietnam, any time can be a good time to visit. As Vietnam is a narrow S-shaped strip of land, it covers three different weather patterns. The climate of North Vietnam is humid and subtropical, while the total South is in the tropics. Central Vietnam lies somewhere in between. Therefore, each region in each time of the year owns an advantage. The point is how to play a matching game.

Specifically, this article gives you an insight into the best abnormal tips when travelling in Vietnam during the spring. The weather between January and March can be generally characterized by cool and occasional light rain in the North, warm and dry in the others. It is considered as one of the best time to travel Vietnam because of the abundant festivals and uncrowded attractions. However, it may be unpleasant if you choose to visit these places during this time. Check below.

1. Ha Long Bay

Do you feel surprised when seeing this cliché name? Is that the famous site recognized by UNESCO as one of the seven natural wonders of the new world? Yes, you are totally right. But even the brightest pearl has its flaw, and so does Ha Long. From mid-February to mid-March, tourism volume is among the lowest in the year for both international and domestic visitors due to the dull weather with extremely high humidity and less sunlight. Besides that, the temperature is not warm enough for you to chill in the water of Lan Ha Bay.

The foggy sky above Ha Long Bay in the spring

Recommendation: Give Sapa a try

Instead of visiting the sea, you can try trekking on the zigzag paths leading to rural ethnic villages in Sapa. If you can tolerate the severe weather, may the frost in January attract you? Bear in mind that it is extremely rare to see snow in a tropical country like Vietnam, therefore, visiting Sapa in the coldest month of the year is such an experience. The sudden temperature change can shut all your senses down, and the only thing to admire is the majestic expanse of white mountain ranges.


2. Hanoi

Tet is coming soon on the charming capital of Vietnam. As a foreign traveller, you might not need to get all the Vietnamese’s excitement and emotions, but there are certain things you probably should know about this grandest holiday of the year.

If you happen to visit Hanoi exactly during the national break, it will be kind of time-wasting. Unfortunately, many historic sites such as local museums, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, indoor exhibition places and art houses will close for at least five days. To many’s dismay, most restaurants also stop serving during Tet and just reopen only after Day 5 of the Lunar New Year. Thus, it may not be a good time for food lovers to savour Vietnam tours.

Recommendation: Visit with caution

Hanoi welcomes you anytime of the year, so just approach it with preparation. Arrange your itinerary to visit the historic sites before it closes (check the closing period on the websites in advance). And although it is quite hard to find places to eat during few days of the Lunar New Year, there is a great variety of traditional food that is not available elsewhere or else-when such as Sticky Rice Cake (Banh Chung). Ask your host to prepare adequate meals during the break for you.

Hanoi is a sleeping beauty in the tranquillity of Tet holiday

3. Dalat

Dalat is greatly well known for floriculture. The biennial International Dalat Flower Festival held in either December or January here is undeniably well worth seeing. When the spring comes, the city may somehow be overcrowded with the imminent arrival of busloads of tourists. Especially since 2016, the international tourist volume has rocketed with thousands of visitors in only a few days of Tet. The local hotels and even luxury resorts are always overloaded despite the prohibitively expensive price.

Nobody wants to be stuck just to see some flowers

Recommendation: Avoid Tet holiday

Unlike the Vietnamese, foreigners have much time to spare rather than using up the break just to get stuck in a huge crowd and see some flowers. If you still want to witness the beauty that Mother Nature has favoured Dalat, avoid the national holiday and visit the vacant Central beaches first (Central Vietnam group tours). Come back in late February when the spring still stays and the intensity of tourist has faded. Once again, Dalat is back to its dreamy quiet look, waiting for nature lovers to explore.

Peaceful Dalat

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