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MADRID, SPAIN, June 28, 2019 – Across Spain S.L. has introduced its latest gastronomy packages for 2019 for you to discover the traditional Spanish cuisine filled with unique flavours combined with cultural visits to the most beautiful Spanish cities.

Spain is besides of its beautiful sights, traditions and history has an outstanding cuisine. Experiencing Spanish culture goes hand in hand by exploring different culinary traditions, historical restaurants, world –famous tapas bars and food markets. Each city and region offers its own personalized cuisine so you can experience many different flavours, traditions and dishes.

If you would like to discover Spain like a local than you should visit to a Mercado. Gastronomy markets in Spain have always been the epicentre of civic life and a labyrinth of the freshest fruits, vegetable, meat and fishes. Nowadays, these markets are becoming more popular and offering a wide variety of culinary experiences. Usually these markets can be found in historic buildings in the heart of the cities. With their great culinary diversity, they are also the perfect food supplier for better restaurants in Spain.

However, if you prefer fancy restaurants and gourmet experiences you can find numerous different restaurants around the cities. From traditional kitchens to Michelin star restaurants Spain offers a huge number of great restaurants.

Moreover, if you fell in love with the Spanish cuisine and would like to learn how to prepare them at home than participate in a cooking workshop where you can learn all the recipes to make the best dishes at home. Attend at a cooking class and either prepare the most famous dish of Spain, the Paella Valenciana or choose one from the high variety of cooking classes.

For further information about our gastronomy packages please contact:
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