Across Spain has just introduced its latest Camino Ignaciano packages

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MADRID, March 27, 2019 – Across Spain has just introduced its latest Camino Ignaciano packages (Ignatian way) to give you the opportunity to personally take part in this famous pilgrimage route through north eastern Spain.

The Ignatian Way recreates the itinerary that Ignacio de Loyola walk through in the year 1522 from his hometown, Azpeitia (Gipuzkoa), to the Catalan city of Manresa. A pilgrimage that began after his spiritual conversion in Loyola, and that its final goal was the holy city of Jerusalem.

San Ignacio a founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) was born in 1491 in Loyola and was at the service of the Catholic Monarchs. A fracture of a leg due to a war wound caused him painful surgeries that left him convalescing. In that time, he dedicated himself to read the life of Christ and the saints. This made him to make the decision to do his own crusade, go to Jerusalem as a pilgrim.

A first decision took him to Montserrat and Manresa where he lived for almost a year and from where he continued his journey to Rome and Jerusalem. Not being able stay there, decided to return to Spain and study to be able to preach the Gospel.

As St. Ignacio did on his own route, modern pilgrims on the Camino Ignaciano will pass many other pilgrims heading the opposite direction, toward to Santiago de Compostela. The route is more than 600 kilometres, has 27 stages and goes throw 5 regions of Spain in Euskadi, La Rioja, Navarra, Aragon and Catalonia. This route is not very different from the St. James’s Way, but the route offers special features that make it unique. During the route, pilgrims will not just be walking to a place, but recreating Ignatius’s experience of travelling through Spain. This pilgrimage way is much less busy, as less people choose this direction. Furthermore, the way goes through smaller towns and places of worship. As well the route starts in the main life point of San Ignacio, in Loyola where he was born and nowadays we can find Sanctuary of Loyola and the Casa Natal where San Ignacio was born and lived. Moreover, during the way visitors will get a chance to visit the Basilica del Pilar in Zaragoza and the Basilica in Manresa where Ignacio spent a year after his pilgrimage. In this church travellers can find the Cueva de Manresa where according to tradition, St. Ignacio shut himself in a cave to pray and do penance and where he wrote the Spiritual Exercises returning from his pilgrimage to Montserrat.

Here at Across Spain, we have a range of Camino Ignaciano packages on offer so that you can take part in the route in a way which best meets your preferences. If you are interested in partaking in this world-renowned challenge, do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our 2019 Camino Ignaciano packages!Across Spain