Ajay Jain

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Speaker, Writer and Owner,  Kunzum Travel Cafe

Ajay Jain calls himself a traveller – literally and metaphorically. He has been always on the go – trying and learning new things, and exploring the world too.

He has authored 9 printed and over 50 e-books on travel, management and personal development. He sells his photography as collectible prints.

He also the founded the Kunzum Travel Cafe in 2010 – a cultural hub with two locations in New Delhi, India but being expanded across India and internationally now through franchising. A unique concept, the cafe is a meeting place for travellers, filmmakers, photographers, authors, musicians, artists and other creative people. Guests participate in events and even go on trips with the Club Kunzum community.

In the past, Ajay has had careers in IT, Sports Management and Newspaper Publishing. He is aregularspeakers at events in India and internationally, sharing stories from his varied experiences. He holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering, MBA and Journalism.



Email: ajay@ajayjain.com


Twitter: http://twitter.com/ajayjain

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ajayjain9

Personal URL: http://ajayjain.com

Kunzum.com (Travel Blog and Community): http://kunzum.com

Facebook Kunzum Page: https://www.facebook.com/kunzum

Twitter @Kunzum: https://twitter.com/kunzum