Beginning a new working experience at PATA head office in Bangkok

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aruroa and wendy

This is my second visit to Thailand. Last year I visited Chiang Mai with my friends. Luckily, at the beginning of this year, I become an Associate at PATA and with the opportunity to work in Bangkok – the capital city of Thailand.

My first working day at PATA was truly memorable. I met lots of lovely workmates such as JC Wong; Wendy Liu and Sharon Chan. Wendy also comes from my home province of Hunan in China PRC and she graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. What a small world!

Everyone here is really nice and the PATA communications team members are teaching the daily work duties step by step. It’s not hard to learn everything with their kind help. Plus, I am very glad that I am reporting to our Chief of Staff Dale Lawrence, a United Kingdom gentleman with lots of working experience around the world. This is good news because I have more chance to work with events department and learn even more!

For my first weekend, I went to the Chinatown district of Bangkok with fellow Associate Sharon Chan. Our mission was to embark upon an amazing food journey. The streets were crowded and there were so many delicious snacks to choose from. Indeed, I spotted many familiar Chinese brands and for a while it was though I was back in my home province in mainland China.

I may be a slow walker – but I never walk backwards. I am looking forward to enjoy so many different work experiences at PATA head office in Bangkok.

Aurora Aurora1