Beyond Zeros and Ones – achieving the impossible

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This week I am writing to you from the Kingdom of Bhutan where I have joined the Type-A Retreat. With me are 15 start-up CEO’s, founders, venture capitalists and investors from a wide range of industry sectors for a week of intense physical activities while learning, sharing and gaining inspiration from each other.

This morning began with a Type-A Breakfast, which is essentially a technique to accomplish eight hours of work in two hours. We started by listing six tasks that we want to accomplish to exponentially grow our business. Working in silence, the only rule is that we must all stop when the time is up.

We live in a world of exponential growth, which is moving at lightning speed. Every day we essentially wake up, have breakfast and go to our workplace where distractions are frequent. When do we really stop to think and be inspired?

There are occasions when we should take time to mix things up, doing something we have never thought we could do, and meet extraordinary people. This is the second time this year that I have taken time for personal development. Time to help me become a better person and a better leader. Experiences such as this have been life changing for me. Inspiration often comes from unexpected places and more frequently happen when you take yourself out of your usual environment and comfort zone.  For me, this week I have pushed myself to my physical limit by completing the two-day Bhumtang Trek climbing to 3,700 meters.

What has amazed me the most in the past few days of mingling with this group of young entrepreneurs is their passion and immense desire to make a difference and to leave a positive mark on the world. There is no need for talk of acting responsibly, corporate social responsibility or sustainability. For them, it comes naturally as they would not want it any other way. This gives me confidence that there is hope for a better future for us all.

Beyond zeros and ones, there is a world of innovators imagining an exponential future that will transform the way we live our lives. As I write this blog there are people creating solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges and achieving the impossible and I wake up every morning in awe of their creations.

Until the next time,
Mario Hardy
Chief Executive Officer
Pacific Asia Travel Association