Beyond Zeros and Ones – an exponential future

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What happens when you bring 96 CEOs, founders and industry leaders together with some of the world most influential technologists? You get amazing, intense and memorable discussions, debates and mind-blowing experiences. This summarises my week-long participation at the Singularity University Executive Program in California from which I graduated last month.

“Why do so many of us – individually and collectively – fail to imagine, let alone anticipate, the massive and disruptive changes that are unfolding? Driven by fast moving technologies and globalisation the pace of change is accelerating, our brains are struggling to keep up and – surprise, discomfort and unrest are the result.” (Quote: Lisa Kay Solomon)

As Peter Diamandis, co-founder of the Singularity University, told us, “The future is already here. It is just not evenly distributed.”

What we have seen in science fiction movies or dreamed about when we were children has already happened or is currently under development. DNA sequencing, autonomous cars, holographic computing, artificial intelligence and robotics are just a few of the technologies that were discussed in our programme. But what are the implications of these technologies on today’s world and for our futures?

What about jobs? Will robots replace us? What about a ‘Code of Ethics’ when artificial intelligence makes decisions for us? How will we, as leaders, prepare ourselves as humanity enters an era of accelerated change?

“As if the future is primarily a projection through numerical forecasts and spreadsheets, reinforcing a perspective that the world is an extension of what we know today and that we can plug in some numeric formula to calculate quantifiable predictions” (Quote: Lisa Kay Solomon)

All of us have been trained to think and see the world as linear. In the exponential, fast and accelerated changing world that we live in today, linear thinking no longer has a place. We need to break the ‘Permafrost of Leadership’ and prepare ourselves for an unimaginable future.

This is the first of a series of blogs entitled ‘Beyond Zeros and Ones’ intended to help us to reflect upon the inevitable technological changes and developments that will affect our lives.

Until the next time,
Mario Hardy
Chief Executive Officer
Pacific Asia Travel Association