Camille Poiré

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Camille in Wonderlands / Helip’Ad Marketing

After nine years in the UK, ‘ex-French’ girl Camille quit her life to travel the world in 2013 – and hasn’t stopped since! She has lived temporarily in South Korea, Thailand, and Colombia, and has visited many more countries working as an Instagram influencer, travel writer, and social media manager. She likes sleeping in hammocks, riding scooters, and scaring her mother by trying extreme/adventure sports!

Camille uses her Instagram page @CamWonderlands to share the best from her Wonderlands and to inspire her 32.5K followers to go on adventures, challenge themselves, and design their own lifestyle. She also rants – er, writes about her life and shares her travel ‘wisdom’ at Camille in Wonderlands! As a travel writer, she has contributed to publications such as AWOL (Qantas Airlines’ blog) and All That Is Interesting.

Camille has been chosen as one of the best travel influencers to work with in 2017 by She has now founded her Social Media Marketing Agency, Helip’Ad Marketing, to help businesses and organisations in the travel & tourism niche soar with killer online marketing and advertising strategies.