Celebrate Songkran with Pickaboo

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BANGKOK, March 12, 2018- Songkran or Thai New Year is one of the most exciting time of year to be in Thailand. Families, festivity, friends, fun, feasting and frivolity are at the core of a successful Songkran week. Yet there is so much more with the core of the festival being based around personal reflection and new hope. For those that are curious as to the bigger picture of Songkran, Pickaboo Club have created the perfect way to celebrate the 2561 water festival combining all aspects of deference, respect, community, hope, love and (a lot of) fun into the perfect 3 day getaway.

Starting on April 14th, we will all arrive in Udon Thani Airport (flight time from Bangkok 1hour) to be whisked away to our luxury villa accommodation to begin our Songkran with the traditional Thai Blessing Ceremony ‘Bai Sri Su Kwan’. This ceremony is more commonly experienced at Thai weddings but originates as a welcoming ceremony for good fortune. We will have time to settle into our luxurious surroundings, enjoy dinner together and share our comfortable home for the next 3 days.

Our first full day will take a “relaxed” pace with a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Baan Chiang, a site of Neolithic, bronze and iron age significance as well as providing the earliest evidence of farming in the region. From here we’ll move onto the jungle hill temple “Wat Pa Phu Kon” which is a huge juxtaposition of an incredibly intricate, detailed and beautiful modern temple located deep in the jungle on the Laos/Thailand border. This is a wonderful opportunity to see traditional Thai religious depictions represented in their original, unaged, glory and is a perfect spot for a little reflective meditation (modest dress code).

On the 16th we will completely surrender ourselves to the local community to get into the full swing of the core of the Songkran celebration, the water festival. Have your camera ready (and in a plastic case or bag (provided)) for the traditional festivity by the community.

Our final day will be spent back on the community side of Songkran with a unique opportunity to give back. We will visit a community library where we can donate the books that Pickaboo has collected over the past months (Collection open for Thai and English book suitable for public until 31 March). We will also host lunch for 250 underprivileged children at Baan Udon orphanage. Finally, we’ll leave back to our lives with fond memories, warm feelings, new friends, a deeper connection with Thailand and, most importantly, ourselves. You’ll also take our Pickaboo t-shirt and Pha Kao-Ma (multi-purposed sarong) to remind you of your once in a lifetime Songkran celebration.

6,000B/person: all meals, all activities, 3N luxury villa, lunch host for 250 children, transport and guide within Udon Thani
Exclude: Travel cost to/From Udon Thani, alcohol
RSVP: mhongbinma@pickabooclub.com, +66904087878