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PATA Student Chapters are established throughout the world to assist in the fulfillment of the objectives of the Association among the Youths or the NextGens by PATA. They are a group of students from university that is a member of PATA International or Young Tourism Professionals members that are passionate towards the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

Currently, there are 18 PATA Student Chapters around the world assisting local university’s Hospitality and Tourism students.

 PATA Chapter

 PATA Student Chapter


PATA Malaysia Taylor’s Student Chapter:
Water Race
Held to celebrate World Tourism Day 2013: Tourism and Water – protecting our common future.


PATA Philippines LPU-Manila Student Chapter:
General Assembly
Gathering all members for an annual general meeting


Malaysia Taylor's SC Philippines LPU Manila SC 2 PIYF13 Thailand AU SC


PATA assists the Student Chapters in the attainment of the following objectives through:

1. Student Chapter Handbook:

This handbook provides guidelines for Student Chapter leaders in the day-to-day administration of PATA Student Chapters.

2. Educational Program:

These may be organized by PATA, PATA Members, PATA Chapters and Student Chapters worldwide to keep members/students up-to-date with current marketing, management and information techniques. Varying from half-day seminars to two-day workshops, such educational programs may deal with subjects ranging from destination and product updates to environmental or community initiatives

3. Study Tours/ Workshops:

Study Tours/Workshops to PATA destinations may be conducted by PATA Chapters to provide students with first-hand experience of services and products and new tourism developments.

4. Student Scholarships:

PATA, through the PATA Foundation and PATA Chapters may raise funds to provide scholarships for qualified students to enroll in local colleges and universities offering studies in travel industry and hospitality management programs. These scholarships may apply to PATA-sponsored programs, student-industry internships, and exchange programs for students and occasionally, tourism faculty, sponsored by cooperating chapters.

5. Tourism Awareness/Heritage Programs:

These are conducted by PATA Chapters and Student Chapters to create public awareness within local communities of the importance of tourism in national development and the importance of preserving the symbolic relationship between national heritage and tourism.

6.Internship Opportunities:

There will be internship opportunities with PATA offices or PATA members.

7. Certification:

PATA Student Chapter members will receive an E-certificate from PATA HQ upon request to certify as a member of PATA Student Chapter.

8. Beautifying Resume:

Members are able to boost their resume using the experiences gained from organizing and attending events under PATA Student Chapter.

9. Networking Opportunities:

Attending events organized by PATA or PATA members will help in connecting members with industry players for job opportunities, sponsorships, speakers, partners, and other possibilities.

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