China Travel Service Head Office Inbound Tour and the American Cruise & Beyond Co. : A floating three gorges culture classroom

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New Model of China Inbound Culture & Education Travel

CHINA, APRIL 02, 2019 – In late March, with the start of spring and the clear water of the great Yangtze which reflects the green hills, the multitude of branches of peach blossoms are in bloom, the Three Gorges is spectacular. On March 19th, China Travel Service Head Office Inbound Tour and the American Cruise & Beyond Co. organized a delegation of 156 people from American Alice Fong Yu (abbreviated as AFY hereafter) School Study Tour Group from Yichang to Chongqing, which lasted for 5 days on the magnificent “Changjiang No.1 Cruise Ship

As early as 2000, the creative and charismatic American AFY school Principal Ms. Liana Szeto, joined forces with China Travel Service Head Office to open a new concept of the “homestay” inbound tour in China. They committed to bringing North American students to ordinary Chinese families, to truly experience Chinese daily life and promoting folk cultural exchanges. Nearly 20 years later, President Szeto’s cooperation with China has been uninterrupted, and it has been advancing with the times and innovations. Since last year, the Yangtze River Three Gorges cruise charter tour has been planned, and through close consultation with Changjiang Overseas Cruises Co., Ltd. The concepts and design plans have finally come to fruition and resulted in a fantastic event.

A Chinese saying is “There is a dragon in the far east, its name is China. There is a river in the far east, its name is the Yangtze River.” As the mother river of the Chinese nation, the Yangtze River has a special meaning. The Yangtze River starts from the streams of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It gathers thousands of rivers and rivers in the Sichuan Basin. It is powerful, breaking through the Tuen Mun and cutting off the Wushan Mountains, forming the Yangtze River Three Gorges. . In this landscape painting of 193 kilometers across the two provinces, the rhyme of Qu Zi Chu Ci, the elegance of Xiangxi Ming Zhaojun, cannot fully tell the story of Liu Beituo, the sadness of Li Bai Du Fu, all ancient Chinese figures. In 1986, Prof. Huang Wanpo of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the scientific exploration of “Wushan Yiren”, added a touch of color to the study tour class. It can be said that the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River is a treasure trove of resources for tourism and study.

Last year, the May 1st National Model Workers Medal was awarded to Mr. You Xunliang, who is known as the “Captain of the Yangtze River”. When President Xi Jinping visited the Three Gorges in 2018, he was riding Captain You’s ship, the Changjiang No. 1. The ship is the best venue to enjoy the scenery of Xiling Gorge, and it is the only cruise ship allowed access through the Three Gorges by using ship lift. The ship’s safety performance, state-level service and the Three Gorges landscape is unmatched.

The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River is one of the two golden tourist routes that China has launched to the world (the other is the Silk Road). After 40 years of development, the Yangtze River Three Gorges cruise tour has witnessed the whole process of China’s tourism development and is also in the tide of reform and opening up. It grows and grows, and continues to mature. Today, China’s Yangtze River cruises have become internationally known in the world river cruise market. On this spectacular river travel line, cruise ships are both a means of transportation and a tool for sightseeing. All elements of tourism are fully experienced.

On the cruise ship, while exposed with the fascinating scenery on the way, the students also experience the cultural heritage of the local minorities and learning their customs. 

There is abundant student study space, but also provides enough private comfort for individuals. The living conditions are 5 star and a daily of range of high-quality healthy food, that features a varied menu daily. Group excursions along the cruise allow for first hand field research. The daily excursions are elements of the study tour that break up the monotony of staying on the ship and allows for team building and experiencing local historic sites.

Visiting the world-class water conservancy project, experiencing the lifting of the ship and crossing the dam, in the glory of the Wufeng Zhufeng and the Qiangtang, and relying on the remains of the Three Kingdoms, the Song poetry of the Song Dynasty, or the songs of the Tujia folk songs, and countless times During the rendezvous of the emperor, the Qianli Jiangling is still one day, and “there is no way to fall into the woods, and the Yangtze River is not rolling.” “It used to be difficult for the sea, except Wushan is not a cloud”… Invited David Wong, former official of the Canadian Embassy in China and Mr. Yang Shunhua, a senior tour guide, gave a lecture on cultural differences between China and the West and the cultural history of the Three Gorges.

All the students one after another showed their joy during the tour and will spread this experience to their friends.

The future of this type of study tour is promising and waiting for the industry to expand. Like a huge cake, this industry has many sectors such as inbound tourism, cruise tourism, cultural education and tourism. It requires careful planning and precise coordination and strict policies. The inbound tour of the China Travel Service Head Office and the Three Gorges charter tour developed by Cruises & Beyond in the United States may trigger a wave of trips to the Three Gorges cruise ship with a deep cultural experience.

Mr. Ruan Ning,  the General Manager of Changjiang Overseas Cruises Co., Ltd.,put special attention to this tour, whom assigned the Director of Marketing & Promotion Dept. Mr. Wang Renci to attend the cruise to ensure its success and to learn from the uniqueness of this study tour group. Mr. Ruan attaches great importance and hopes that his Yangtze River overseas cruise management can serve more similar study tours in the future. Captain You provided personal interaction with the group and said it was one of the best groups that he has had the privilege to serve.

The event with the initial boarding the “Yangtze River” from the Peach Blossom Village Pier in Yichang to the culmination in Chongqing and the visit of the Pandas in the Chongqing zoo was an overwhelming success. The crew of the state-level cruise ship and the many CTS staff was heartfelt devotion was wonderful. With great enthusiasm, future similar study tours will very likely continue, and the joys and experiences to be continued.

At the end, a vivid memory was deeply imprinted on the guests’ minds.