Dr Mathew McDougall

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CEO, Digital Jungle


Dr. Mathew McDougall grew up between Australia and New Zealand then in his late teen’s ventured overseas for his University studies. Now, after 23 years of working in the Internet technology space and digital marketing areas, he boasts over 10 years working experience in China and time spent working in Australia, UK, US and Japan.He is a renowned expert on digital marketing, especially in the area of Chinese digital marketing. Recognised for his published articles, his frequent speaking engagements, as well as his prestigious consulting and teaching programs. Dr. McDougall thrives in entrepreneurial environments, where fast-paced change and continually evolving technology is the norm.

He was the founder of SinoTech Group (headquartered, China), a social media technology business in 2007 that secured VC funding to develop a range of Chinese/Western social monitoring technologies.

Dr. McDougall subsequently went on to found a digital marketing Agency called, “Digital Jungle” in early 2011. This multicultural digital Agency wanted to exploit the needs of Western organisations that needed support in marketing to a Chinese audience. Over the short number of years, Digital Jungle has grown to now have offices in China (Beijing & Shanghai), Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, partnerships with Agencies around the world.

In the workplace, Dr McDougall is the type of “leader” that is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get involved with the team at all levels.

Dr. McDougall is also the editor of the “Digital Marketing Inner Circle” blog on digital marketing, author of “The Chinese Social Media Universe”, a frequent spokesperson on Internet issues and guest speaker at Internet industry forums worldwide such as:

* Ad-Tech
* SES Conference & Expo
* ATEC (Australian Tourism Export Council)
* iMedia Asia
* Social Media Summit
* AMP Amplify
* PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association)
* Routes Online
* China Retail Showcase
* G20 Global Cafe