Dragon Trail free report and webinar on “Responsible Tourism from China”

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CHINA, October 4, 2019 – As the world’s largest outbound tourism market, China cannot be overlooked in the efforts to promote responsible and sustainable global travel and to reduce the negative impact of tourism on local communities and natural environments. While much work is needed to raise awareness and change behaviors, we believe that Chinese consumers do have an interest in sustainability and a willingness to adopt responsible habits. Moreover, in the case of combating overtourism and distributing the benefits of tourism more widely within a destination, China can play a central role.

Thanks to the importance of word of mouth in Chinese travel decision making, as well as the prevalence of sharing one’s travel experience on social media, educating Chinese tourists about environmentally and socially responsible tourism can have a knock-on impact, influencing other Chinese travelers in their understanding and behavior, as well as setting a positive example for conservation, animal welfare and other issues at home.

Dragon Trail Interactive’s new report, “Responsible Tourism from China” outlines the realities and potential for promoting environmentally and socially responsible outbound tourism from China, including positive initiatives from Chinese companies, individuals, and partnerships with international organizations.

The report includes three sections:

  • Three key focus areas relating to responsible and sustainable tourism
  • Eight practical suggestions for promoting responsible and sustainable tourism to Chinese outbound travelers
  • Two case studies to show how tourism education can be done in China

In the first of a four-part blog series based on Dragon Trail’s report, “Responsible Tourism from China,” the three key focus areas relating to responsible and sustainable tourism from China are outlined.

Please contact [email protected] to request the full report. Dragon Trail Interactive is also presenting a free webinar on responsible tourism from China on Wednesday, 16 October. The webinar offers practical solutions and case studies, addressing the environment, overtourism, and conservation. Click here for all the details and to register.