ECA2: Ground-breaking Immersive Spectacle Showcases Story of China and the Origins of the Universe in Architectural Landmark

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It’s immersive, it’s inspired, it’s putting Lanzhou back at the centre of the world stage! In this dazzling experience of spectacular combined effects, both indoor and outdoor, cutting-edge architecture and custom technology meet China’s ancient storytelling tradition. Gansu Xirong Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd and French showmakers ECA2 have joined forces to create the first multimedia spectacular in Lanzhou, It is located in the geometric center of China, where the Yellow River, China’s mother river, passes through the city.
Lanzhou, Gansu province, was once a crossroad in the ancient silk road and the ancient Tangbo Road, where the Western and Eastern
countries met. The convergence of Chinese and western economies and cultures here has further promoted cooperation and exchanges among Asian, African and European countries. Lanzhou, Gansu province, is an important node city in “One Belt And One Road” economic belt, with a dense railway network, a new Eurasian land bridge and an important channel opening to central and western Asia.
Lanzhou, China, is remaking itself with infinite creativity and spirit. Symphony Silk Road, Desirable Gansu, Lanzhou city is a starting point for a thousand miles of traveling. From here, you can immerse yourself into hub cities with a lot of famous scenic spots such as DunHuang Mogao Grottoes and TianShui MaiJiShan Grottoes,known as the world cultural heritage and China’s four big grottoes.
PingLiang KongTong mountain, Taoist holy land in China. Labrang monastery, China’s largest Buddhist college of Tibetan Buddhism, ZhaGaNa in Gannan Tibetan autonomous region, which is known as the birthplace of Adam and Eve, LeiTaiHan tombs in WuWei, where unearthed Flying Horse of Gansu – China’s tourism logo, ZhangYe Gaint Buddha Temple which houses China’s largest indoor sleeping Buddha, Colorful DanXia Landscape in ZhangYe province which combined China’s most unique DanXia landform and colorful hilly landscape, Jia Yuguan Pass in Great Wall of Ming dynasty, which is know as ”The First and Greatest Pass under the Heaven” , the singing sand mountain and the crescent spring which is known as a pearl in the desert. YaDan Demon Castle in Yumen Pass which
owns YaDan landscape.
Such a grand stories, magnificent scenes, and ancient Chinese culture are all gathered here, they had to build a vast place to appreciate it.
And what a place! Like an egg-shaped sphere that breeds infinite life, it separates the heavens and the earth into two halves, and embodies the statement of the heavenly place and the existence of only the sun and the moon in the world. Its architecture contains an ancient story about the age of the Paleolithic Age, injecting a living life into the origin of the universe. From the outside, the building’s silhouette echoes the unique shape of traditional local roof tiles. Yet in a blink, the structure also resembles a bird’s folded wings, and the textured pattern mimics bird feathers. As approaching visitors catch sight of the sculptural forms, its intriguingly
futuristic beauty catches their breath.
The significance of the building’s curved forms is revealed as the story unfolds in beautifully human simplicity. A boy and his grandfather are on the banks of the mighty Yellow River as the youngster asks where the world came from. The saga that unravels has the audience on the edge of its seat, as seemingly impossible special effects are deployed all around. The original creator, a god called Pan-Gu, conjures himself up from the magical egg. In a thrilling series of cataclysmic events, Pan-Gu separates earth from sky, and gives rise to every wondrous feature of our universe from the stars and planets to the mountains, streams, flowers and trees. When the technologies didn’t exist, the ECA2 team invented new ones
To bring Lanzhou a show the whole world will remember, no challenge was too great. When there were no appropriate technologies available, the team leveraged its expertise to create brand new technological solutions. Blending indoor and outdoor effects in a single hybrid venue is in itself a world first. The result is complete and utter immersion that leaves spectators speechless. But the unique combination of effects could only work after much innovation and careful calculation. After several months of R&D, a revolutionary new double-curve cascade screen was invented to allow high definition video projection on a curve that hugs the building’s inner contours. A radical new effect called Jet Fog was created, blending mist and smoke to form intensified density for laser, light and video effects. Lanzhou also hosts the team’s first sensational use of laser diodes. For every
spellbound spectator, for Lanzhou, for the world, an unforgettable spectacle is here to stay.

Opening Date: 28 September 2019
Venue: Lanzhou, Gansu province, China
Project Type: Permanent spectacular multimedia show
Project Development: 30 months
Show Duration: 26 minutes
Key Figures:

  • A semi-indoor semi-outdoor theatre of 100mx100mx30m
  • The world’s largest projection surface on a permanent and single water screen: 960 sqm
  • A double-curved video projection surface of 2,800 sqm
  • An overall projection surface of 3,760 sqm
  • Massive volume of fog generated in a few seconds = 3,340 m3
    Audience Capacity: 1,450
    Team involved in the project: 200 people.
    Show Design, Direction and Production by ECA2

Gansu Xirong Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. was established on December 30, 2015 and is affiliated to Lanzhou Xigu Urban and Rural Development Investment Co., Ltd. The company’s business scope includes: tourism resource development and operation management; tourism project development, supporting facilities construction of tourism scenic area; tourism culture promotion and dissemination; investment of tourism project; landscaping project construction; tourism promotion and promotion planning, development and sales of tourism commodity, scenic tour service Cultural and artistic exchange activities planning. The company is responsible for the implementation of cultural tourism development and construction projects of Xigu District, such as: Huaxia Cultural Exhibition Center, Hekou Ancient Town of Lanzhou, and Shuiju Danxia (a kind of Danxia landform) as well as making positive contributions to the tourism development of Xigu District.

Originally established in France, ECA2 now spans several continents with offices in Hong Kong, Dubai, Shenzhen. The company is creating and producing the world’s most renowned spectacular multimedia shows. Universally recognised for its highly skilled teams, ECA2 has built an envied reputation in mounting worldwide ceremonies, and the most varied spectrum of events. Over the past 30 years, ECA2 has successfully produced more than 60 major spectacles around the world, notably the Opening and
Closing Ceremonies of the Athens Paralympic Games, the “Big-O Show” for the 2012 Yeosu International Expo, “Wings of Time” in Singapore and “Fountain of Dreams” in Wuyishan (Fujian) both recognised by the prestigious THEA Awards in Los Angeles and the recently opened resident shows “Lake of Illusions” in OCT’s Shanghai Happy Valley and “Eastern Sunrise” in Rizhao Olympic Water Park (China).