ECARD makes global travel stress free and seamless!

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CHINA/ASIA, April 5, 2019- ECARD, powered by UnionPay, offers a seamless, frictionless, stress-free ability to transact on a global basis and regardless of the currency. Accepted in 174 countries and territories, ECARD provides you banking at your fingertips with its world-class mobile app and allows you complete visibility to your account 24/7/365. ECARD allows you to “Travel Globally and ECARD is Welcome Locally”. Earn rewards on a global basis by using ECARD and leverage the power of Union Pay’s robust rewards program.

ECARD, powered by UnionPay, is the safe and secure way to travel globally regardless of location and currency. ECARD eliminates the need to carry excess cash, but does allow for cash access for those times when you need it. ECARD offers the comfort of knowing your account is protected by offering an extra layer of security by allowing you to block/unblock your account if your card is lost or misplaced. Travel stress-free knowing ECARD is in your wallet and the ECARDAPP is on your phone. Earn significant rewards globally by leveraging ECARD and UnionPay which provides the most robust global rewards program in the industry.

ECARD offers a simple application process, state-of-the art technology, and world-class security features allowing you to travel in a safe, secure, and stress-free manner. ECARD, powered by UnionPay, is the low-cost choice for all your travel and transacting needs. ECARD provides layers of security, a mobile application that allows for 24/7/365 banking, and with its UnionPay partnership, lets you earn significant rewards globally each time you spend. ECARD….Travel Globally,Welcome Locally!