PATA Adventure Travel Conference and Mart 2017

Lee Royal Hotel Mudu, Luoyang, China
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In conjunction with Luoyang International Adventure Tourism and Equipment Expo


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Under the patronage of the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) and Henan Provincial People’s Government, the PATA Adventure Travel Conference and Mart 2017 in conjunction with Luoyang International Adventure Tourism and Equipment Expo will take place in Luoyang China from April 1-4 under the theme “Create, Connect, Conserve.”

Luoyang, located in western Henan Province, is the cradle of traditional Chinese culture. For over 4,000 years it served as the capital city of thirteen dierent Chinese kingdoms and includes such attractions as the Longmen Grottoes, Peony Park and Song Mountain. The event is organised by the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) in conjunction with the Henan Provincial Tourism Administration and Luoyang Municipal People’s Government, and is executed by the Luoyang Municipal Tourism Committee and Sunny Media, with media support from Henan Provincial TV.

While adventure tourism has previously been seen as a small niche of the overall tourism market, the market is now valued at US$263 billion, growing by an estimated 65 percent between 2009 and 2012. The event, consists of a one-day trade mart and two-day consumer show followed by one-day conference. It brings together a broad cross-section of travel and tourism industry professionals keen to enhance their knowledge, brand and business in adventure travel. The event aims to be a catalyst for generating new ideas and improving collaboration between public and private sector organisations. The Mart, importantly, guarantees pre-matched appointments between Buyers (approved and pre-qualified) and Sellers, providing an excellent platform for networking and contracting with like-minded professionals operating in this specialist sector of travel and tourism. Previous events have enjoyed amazing success in Bhutan, Nepal and Thailand.

About Luoyang

Luoyang is a fascinating and historic city located in the west of Henan Province. Luoyang is known as the ‘Ancient Capital of the Nine Dynasties’ and is one of China’s seven ancient capital cities. Luoyang is regarded as the cradle of Chinese civilisation.

What to see

Luoyang is home to a wealth of cultural treasures. The Longmen Grottoes, a World Heritage Site, is a fascinating collection of thousands of Buddhist images carved in limestone cliffs beside the Yi river.
White Horse Temple was established in the year AD 68 and is the oldest Buddhist temple in China. The main complex of temple buildings were reconstructed during the Ming (1368 to 1644) and Qing (1644 to 1912) dynasties and were refurbished in the middle of the 20th century.

Shaolin Temple, located in Dengfeng County, Henan dates back some 1,500 years and is perhaps best know as the home of Shaolin martial arts. Dengfeng city, accessed easily by road from Luoyang, is home to the world-famous Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy.

Luoyang National Peony Garden is home to the city’s annual Peony Festival in April/May. At this time the peonies are in full bloom, presenting an impressive kaleidoscope of colour for local and international visitors.

How to get there

Luoyang, as one of the most popular tourist city in Henan province, has one airport and two railway stations.

By Air – Luoyang Beijiao Airport is located about 10km northwest of the city center. Daily flights are available from/to Beijing and Shanghai, with limited flights to and from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Dalian, Hangzhou, Yinchuan, Shenyang, Nanchang, and Chongqing. Travelers can also fly to Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, then proceed to Luoyang by coach or train.

By Train – Luoyang has two major train stations, namely Luoyang Train Station and Luoyang Longmen Train Station. The Luoyang Train Station is an old railway station used for T and K trains to/from Beijing, Shanghai, Lanzhou, Urumqi, Taiyuan and more. The Luoyang Longmen Train Station is the new train station with high-speed trains connecting Luoyang with Xian, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Shanghai.

Visas and Entry/Exit information

Foreign guests must apply for an appropriate visa to enter China unless special conditions have been waived for certain nationalities. Please contact your local Chinese embassy or consulate for more information:

You may also find useful information from Chinese Visa Application Service Center:

If you have a current multiple entry visa you must ensure that it remains valid for the dates of our event in Luoyang.

A citizen of SingaporeBrunei or Japan with an ordinary passport is exempted from a visa if he/she visits China’s mainland for tourism, business, or meeting with friends or relatives, and if he/she enters China through ports open to foreigners, and stays for no more than 15 days.

Dress Code

Business attire is the official dress code during ATCM2017 business sessions. Dress code for evening social functions, unless otherwise specified within the programme, is smart casual attire or national costume.
Official Languages: Mandarin Chinese is the official national spoken language. Most hotels employ front office staff with a good command of English.


Standard Time is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.


Luoyang enjoys four distinct seasons. Average temperatures in April range from 10C (night) to 22C (day).


The official currency in China is the Renminbi (RMB or CNY).


The international; code for China is +86.


Standard electricity supply is 220 volts. If you travel to China with an appliance that does not accept 220 Volts at 50 Hertz, you will need a voltage converter.

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