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Sustainability Manager, Khiri Travels

Khiri Travel Thailand is the first company to have passed their second Travelife certification. As the Sustainability Manager for Khiri, Gili works closely with Travelife, PATA, WAP, Global Spirit and other tour operators to develop various sustainability initiatives. Khiri Travel have been part of the working group set up to create the previously non-existent guidelines and criteria for captive elephants in Thailand, setting the standards to ensure proper elephant welfare whilst presenting scientific facts, new techniques and best practices to visitors and lobbyists.

Gili is also the Executive Director of Khiri Reach, a charity organization established to help disadvantaged people through community development, conservation, environment and empowerment projects. They establish people and planet programs in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia with more coming in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, focusing on educating and working directly with people in rural areas and city zones.