Great places to soak up the sunset in Hanoi

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HA NOI, March 28, 2018where to snap the best urban sunset shot?  Let a Hanoi day tour give you some suggestions.

Hanoi usually conjures up images of the bustling traffic, melting pot of cuisine, but visitors, or even the folks, rarely see a relaxed pace of life right in the heart of this ancient capital.

Hanoi somehow still offers few surprisingly mysterious places for dreamers, where they can console themselves or simply seek a piece of serenity by contemplating the sun going down. Dusk, in an urban place, delivers a completely different vibe to the countryside. When the last rays of the day are fading, the sun has not been vibrant yet, it’s time to all of the nostalgia feelings flooding back.

If you want to snap the best photos of the sunset, especially in Hanoi day tour or just find an ideal spot soak up the tender sun, read on.


If you ask any local where to escape the crowd of Hanoi, West Lake is undoubtedly the first-listed result you will get.  It is praised as the largest lake in Hanoi with nearly 17km in circumference. This lake is a haunt of the folks to gather for the lake and sun relaxation.

Sunset on Nguyen Dinh Thi street (source: Internet)

You can totally make a stop to anywhere to reap the rewards of sunset, but once you are in Hanoi day tour, West Lake is a must. It is well worth it. Contemplating the sun disappearing slowly behind the horizon in West lake might deliver various degrees of emotion. Letting yourself to be captivated by the breathtaking sunset, combined with the gentle breeze cooling off from the lake, is definitely an extraordinary experience.

The magnificent twilight hues embracing entirely the whole water surface may make you go weak at the knees. The sky right now is a spectacle of color and more marvelous than ever. This stunningly visual scene also harmonizes perfectly with the shades of high-rise buildings in distance and creates a perfect picture in a humble corner of the metropolis.  The sparkling lake absolutely makes visitors ecstatic.

If you are looking for some suggestions for a brilliant sunset spot in Ho Tay, take a quick look at the list of places below.

  • Summit Lounge – 20th floor – Sofitel Plaza Hanoi – 1 Thanh Nien, Ba Dinh District.
View from Sofitel ( source: internet)

Sip a drink and immerse in an avid sunset view at the rooftop lounge right in the downtown. Sofitel Plaza offers a jaw-dropping view overlooking entire West Lake as well as Truc Bach lake nearby.

When the sun goes down, the sky is seemingly on fire, enjoying the fabulous view in one of the best day tours Hanoi is definitely a must experience.

Bear in your mind that this place opens only after 16.00 so arrange your schedule to make the most of your sunset tour

  • Sunset bar – 5 Tu Hoa, Tay Ho district, InterContinental Hotel.

Another tony spot to watch dusk is “Sunset Bar”. It’s true with its own name, guests coming there to have the best view.

This 360-degree bar is perched on the edge of West Lake, an unparalleled location in Hanoi. It boasts an ideal place for escaping from the chaos of Hanoi center.

  • Duong Thanh Nien ( Youth Promenade)

Don’t need to splurge on some fanciest restaurants to contemplate sunset, standing right on the sidewalk of Youth Promenade ( Co Ngu causeway) to soak the local atmosphere is still highly recommended.


Long Bien bridge (source: internet)

If West lake offers visitors a serene feeling, sunset on Long Bien bridge features a walk of nostalgia. Watching the dusk on a more than 100-year-old bridge somehow gives people a chance to step back in time.

It’s not too challenging on finding a nice spot on this old bridge to enjoy the most picturesque sunset views. The bewitching dusk complementing perfectly the riverside scenery as well as the rust ironworks of Long Bien bridge creates a classic and poetic sunset in the best Hanoi day tour. The highlight is when the water surface of Red river sparkles with the golden sunlight, creating a majestic picture.

When the sunshine almost turns off, people rushingly head up their home, tack on a few hours standing on this bridge to feel a sense of the rhythm of life. It is well worth it.

A train on the bridge (source: internet)

To soak up the sunset, you can opt for two common options. One is to stand right on the bridge and have a seat at plastic stools from local hawkers on the sidewalk. The other is to stand on Chuong Duong bridge, the one nearby. It offers a panoramic view, overlooking the entire Long Bien bridge in distance.

If you want to experience a touch of Europe while enjoying the moment of the sun going down, 4th floor of Serein café & lounge will support your wish. Lie off the downtown Hanoi city, quite near the old quarter zone, it’s packed with a lovely rooftop, featuring a picture-postcard vista of the old bridge. Especially, in the dusk, everything is seemingly more fanciful and romantic than ever.


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