helloVietnam: Cửa Vạn Fishing Village – The Masterpiece of Halong Culture

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Picturesque landscape in Halong Bay

HANOI, July 12, 2018 – Immerse in marvelous nature and absorb all the local cultural quintessence in Cửa Vạn Fishing Village, the most idyllic destination on Halong Bay group tours.

Have you ever thought you will visit Vietnam, specifically Ha Long Bay on your holiday? Let’s take a look at one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam.

Recognized as a World Heritage in 1994 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Ha Long Bay is becoming one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the S-shaped country. The 3,500-5,000 year cultural foundation is a wealthy background for the local development in business as well as tourism. The Halong Bay’s distinctive cultural features come from the four fishing villages Cửa Vạn, Ba Hang, Vông Viếng, Cặp La which have been existing like lively witnesses for the Halong Bay progress during a long time. Among them, Cửa Vạn Village is estimated to be the most well-known one in Ha Long in particular and Vietnam in general. Don’t squander the chances to enjoy Halong as a local by the experience of living and working with the fishermen in the villages.

If people compare Ha Long Bay with the beautiful picture created by the Mother of Nature, Cửa Vạn Fishing Village will be the special wonder made by locals’ hands. Even, the fishing village was picked on top 12 the most beautiful coastal towns in the world in 2012 by a reliable tourism website. It is one of the rare villages in the world which still remain the traditional values until now.

  1. Architecture

Along with the advantageous position, outstanding lifestyle and dominant population are also the attractive factors that make Cửa Vạn Fishing Village given tourists’ attraction. Cửa Vạn is evaluated to be the “capital” of the World Heritage Area.

Cửa Vạn Fishing Village in the mist early morning

It is undeniable that you will be captivated by the ancient beauty of Cửa Vạn Fishing Village at the first sight in a spectacular sunrise. The simple architecture makes the floating houses stand out on a marvelous natural backdrop. These colorful raft houses on the crystal water look like a peaceful but unique picture that you can find in only Ha Long.

In the past, because of natural and living conditions, locals had invented the floating houses like that. The exceptional kind of house is even estimated to be their ingenious invention of Halong locals.

2. Lifestyle

Locals do all daily activities in their lovely floating homes. These unique houses are like the fishermen’s invaluable assets which they esteem during their life. The treasures are kept and remained through many generations.

Have you ever imagined that you can do everything on a floating home? If you think it is an insane idea, you must see the local life in Ha Long Bay. They live, eat, play, study on these houses. You may catch sight of grocery, small classes in these floating houses.

Daily life activities on floating houses

One of the must-do things in here is experiencing of living with locals. Tourists can stay overnight with homeowners and gain unforgettable moments through uncountable interesting outdoor activities. If you are on Halong Bay group tours, you can call on your tour speculator to find a local home suitable for you.

Travelers may have chances to take part in fishing in the traditional methods with locals. After that, you can make use of the fresh materials you have ever found and cook the toothsome local dishes thanks to the homeowners’ help. In the next morning, try to wake up early to observe and join in the provincial bustle.

You can sit down on the veranda and enjoy the clear atmosphere in the dawn. Don’t be surprised if you see any boats passing in front of your eyes and selling local products or even various takeaway food for your breakfast such as bánh mì, phở, café, etc. Let’s speak aloud, the sellers will move their boats close to your position. Then, you may feel free to order what you want for an ideal breakfast.

3. Local Culture

One of the most unique characteristics tourists just find in Ha Long is local folk songs such as hat giao duyen (provincial love duet songs), hat cheo duong (songs along the way), hat dam cuoi (provincial wedding songs), and ho bien (songs sung out to the boats). These songs’ lyrics and rhythm are based on the local aquaculture as well as their spirit of loving humans and nature.

The most popular kind of songs in Cửa Vạn Fishing Village is hat giao duyen (provincial love duet songs). Locals stand on the boats and communicate through lovely and meaningful songs like that. These songs reward the locals not only a cheerier look but also a poetic mind that makes everyone surroundings them also feel happy.

Hat giao duyen on Halong Bay

When you have chances to take part in Halong bay group tours, don’t forget to ask Vietnam tour operators to join in these expressive event hold by locals. They are the rare window of opportunities for travelers to comprehend more thoroughly about Halong culture in particular and Vietnamese traditional culture in general. Let’s try your best to enjoy the best memorable moments on your tour. After these worthwhile journeys, many tourists expressed that they really love the local songs and people in here give them wonderful gifts they will remember forever in their future life.

Mahatma Ganhi said, “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” The quote is quite true if you observe locals in Halong, specifically in Cửa Vạn Fishing Village. Thanks to the beautiful fishing village, the World Heritage becomes better-looking in tourists’ eyes.

However, by the reason of conservation of local nature, the government makes the decision to relocate people on the mainland. Together with the local government’s policy, Vietnam tour operators also encourage both foreign and domestic tourists to have green Halong tours. Joining in the meaningful actions means that you take your hands with protecting our precious nature.

Green travels for Halong Bay

If you are interested in contemplating marvelous nature, immersing in local traditional culture atmosphere and conserving nature, let’s carry your backpack up and travel with us now. Don’t miss the meaningful and joyful journey.

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