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The beauty of Halong Bay

HANOI, September 4, 2018 – Let’s have great Halong Bay tours to discover the special food in one of the world’s grandiose wonders.

You are keen on traveling, you love food and hesitate to choose one destination for a new holiday? How about exploring a gorgeous landscape Ha Long Bay with us?

Ha Long Bay is described as a dreamlike picture with many picturesque grottoes and islands, located in the north of Vietnam. This island has a total of 1,553 km² with approximately 1600 islets as also limestone landmass. In 1994, UNESCO had recognized Ha Long Bay as the natural heritage site in the world.


A tour from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay is a journey of around 160 km, that takes about 3 hours to go by car or coach; the shortest way is Ha Noi – Bac Ninh – Ha Long. The starting point is at Noi Bai airport, followed by Bac Ninh. After that, tours continue to Ha Lai, Sao Do, Dong Trieu, Uong Bi which is along the 18A highway and ends up in Ha Long. But these days, the tourists also have a new option: a modern marine engine of Hai Au airland in their tours!

Turning to weather in Ha Long, an average temperature here is approximately 22 – 25 Celsius Degree. With this temperature, the tourists have the opportunity to take the best photos with families and friends under the rainy, blue sky and the smooth sand bank. This is one of those especially romantic moments that you have never forgotten in life. The most suitable time to visit Ha Long is in the spring and autumn, these are also tourism’s high season.

Halong Bay blue sky


Whatever tours or trips you take, you would always be curious about the local specialties, their ingredients and tastes. The dishes can be hand-made, produced in the big factories or high-star restaurants by the professional chefs. Each dish has its own recipe and needs to be done in the detail and special progress. Thus, coming to Halong Bay tours, tourists can’t skip food renowned there.

Mantis Shrimp vermicelli. (Bề Bề Noodles)

Be be noodles in Halong

Mantis Shrimp vermicelli is a kind of noodle which has a quite spicy and sour taste. The dishes are filled with colors of different seafood such as mantis shrimps, cuttles, tofus, green and dried onions and tomatoes. The point of making the attraction of this food is mantis shrimp. After being boiled with high temperatures, people separate meat and shell. The meat is quite fresh, sweet and still maintain the appearance as before. The shell is mixed with bone broth which creates the strange and unique of this kind of noodle.

Grilled Chopped Squid. (Chả Mực)

Ha Long Grill Chopped Squid is stated to be the most delighted cuisine of people in Quang Ninh, besides, “Mai Mực” is the name of the main ingredient which is usually called by humankind over there. In the market, each kilogram has the price of two hundred to three hundred thousand dong. You can find these and buy them in many stores in Quang Ninh and these are also the key suppliers to export to other part of  the country.

Halong fresh squid
Grilled chopped squid

For anyone who is passionate about rice, it becomes an ideal dish to have a meal with. It can be used with rice, sticky rice or even stuffed pancake.

Those above are two top highly appreciated specialties that anyone joining in Halong Bay tours from Hanoi should try.


Kayaking in Halong

Visiting here, Ha Long Bay boat tours are the greatest way to exploit most destinations here. This activity challenges your limit and requires bravery as well as an adventurous heart. Nevertheless, it also helps you feel calm and reduces stress when drifting on the water.  People usually call it “Kayaking” because a kayak is used to move across the water.

The fascinating kayaking boat tours will take the visitors to some stunning sites in accordance with mountains, beaches, and caves. 3 striking sites – Peaches islets, Dark and Light Cave enchanted a huge of the international sightseers as also the tourists in Vietnam city.

Tourists can experience Kayaking through all year, in particular, spring and Autumn are the ideal seasons. Nevertheless, it is noted that the trip should be canceled if it’s heavily rainy and bad weather. What I can add more is to remind you of keeping the body warm before practicing so as to avoid catching a chill.

You are a newbie and don’t have any experience in this activity? Don’t worry. There are sure to be the traveling tour guides in Halong bay tours. Their dedicated instructions will have you aware that the sailing is actually a big trouble. In each kayak, there are just 2 people in one boat so as not to put much pressure on boats.  At first, you are quite awkward, so the movement as well as its approach can’t be followed you. Nevertheless, please try to explore and practice to master this adventurous and amazing activity. You would feel a positive vibe.

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