helloVietnam: Hanoi Opera House reopens for tourists

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Hanoi Opera House

HA NOI, October 17, 2017 – Connect to Vietnam in a more extended way by immersing in the show of performing arts in a national landmark of Vietnam, Hanoi Opera House.

Hanoi Opera House is a Neo-classical building that is clustered in one of the most hectic cities in Vietnam. The building bears witness to the collision between Western Arts and Traditional Vietnamese one. It is also the birthplace of modern Vietnamese performing arts. Hanoi Opera House now offers tours for visitors at 10:30 am every Monday and Friday and here is the itinerary:

Touring Hanoi Opera House

The Hanoi Opera House is divided into three distinct parts: the magnificent lobby at the entrance with a stone T-shaped staircase and decorative figures on the ceilings and walls. On the second floor is the Mirror Room for VIP guests. The hoist room can accommodate 800 seats spread over 3 floors, including family seats arranged in logs. Next to the big stage are the gymnasium, dressing room, management room, and meeting room.

Enjoy the Hon Viet art show

Opening performance: Vietnam-My homeland dance.

Female dancers in ao tu than (four-part dress) and non quai thao (Vietnamese flat palm hat) show their grace in a dance to praise the natural beauty of Vietnam. Ao tu than consists of a long tunic, a skirt, and an ancient bodice. The tunic opens at the front and splits into two at the waist. The long skirt is worn under the tunic and the bodice is the undergarment.

Extract of Tuong play: The old man carries his young wife on his back to the festival.

Step back into traditional Vietnamese music, dance, storytelling, and costume with a Tuong play. The show is ideal for families with children to get a better understanding of Vietnamese culture through stunning storytelling and performances.

            Dan Bau solo: The melody of the land

Dan Bau is a Vietnamese stringed instrument. The techniques required in performing dan bau seem simple at first but in fact, a lot of meticulousness and precision go into making a piece of music.

                Chau Van dance: Dong Cuong young lady

The music and verse performed in this folk art are mixed with an assortment of rhythms, pauses, beats, pushes, and pitches. Chau Van usually accompanies hau dong, a ritual to honor Goddesses and is performed in pagodas.

Flute Choir: Love of the moon, love of the mountain.

Sao (Vietnamese flute) is believed to represent the musical spirit of Vietnam countryside. Vietnamese people used to play them in leisure time and the image of a boy plays the flute while riding a buffalo has become an icon associated with the paddy growing culture of Vietnam.

Puppetry show: Peacock dance

End the tour with a rather modern piece of art. Dancers in peacock costumes gracefully model the male’s dance. Each dancer is responsible for a part of the embodied bird to ensure performing the most complicated movements.

After decades of being out of bounds, Hanoi Opera House now reveals its secrets to visitors in a tour around this national landmark. The Hon Viet show also enhances the experience by offering a peek into Vietnam traditional and contemporary performing arts.

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