helloVietnam: Ideal sightseeing for couples in Sapa group tours

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Sapa – the beautiful happy land

HANOI, September 20, 2018 – Sapa group tours are highly appreciated as the best for loving couples to drop in on with the cool air and dreamlike scenery.

Are you single? Do you wish for a picturesque love story? Otherwise, have you imagined that you will meet a wonderful counterpart in a romantic and gorgeous landscape? And do you think that a dreamlike town might assist a single person to find an ideal partner? From my point of view, I totally believe in love at first sight, in particular, in an attractive setting. Now, let me tell you the most heartwarming true story that I had ever heard.

My best friend is a girl who isn’t keen on traveling and doesn’t believe in love. In contrast, she is quite good at earning money and very independent, which makes her spend a lot of time thinking about how to maximize profit. One time, we planned and decided to visit Sapa. Our nice circle of friends had 6 people and she also joined in. When staying in Muong Hoa Valley, we amazingly met a group of boys; one of whom fell in love with Linh‘s characteristics. We realized that he might be an artist and passionate about traveling due to his modern camera and fashion. In a loving way, we enjoyed wonderful moments together and experienced the normal and interesting activities in local life. When the trip ended, my friend and that boy exchanged information and are a couple after 4 months.

So what do you think about this fairy tale? Are you aware that love at first sight is real and this place might bring a beautiful love for us?

In this story, I mentioned Muong Hoa valley in Sapa, it is one of the most natural sights that couples should not skip in all Sapa group tours.

Are you ready? Let’s note the top 6 must-see Sapa group tours below:

Reheat your love in Vietnam’s highest mountain – Fansipan

With a height of 3143m, Fansipan is attached to the Indochina’s Roof name. Standing on the top of this hill, you would feel that this is one of the most gorgeous Sapa group trekking tours of your life, however, it also brings you the positive vibe of reaching an achievement when conquering the highest spot in Vietnam.

Over there, the temperature is “under the ground” all year, the visitors can’t escape the cold climate and fog. By following up, hugging and warming up the palm of your lover’s hand or leaning on one another, couples might feel better and overcome the Sapa trekking tours under that severe weather.

Looking around the gorgeous beauty of nature, a fresh and peaceful feeling will come while a tiredness will disappear.

Fansipan – the roof of Dong Duong in Vietnam

Located in Lao Cai province which is 9km away from the South of Sapa township, the impressive hill of Vietnam attracts many Vietnamese and international visitors with a huge collection of fauna and flora, 327 and 2042 accordingly, in Hoang Lien Son mountain range. Over there, people plant trees and valuable medicine which can cure and treat some diseases. The special thing is that some types only exist here and I am sure that you cannot find them anywhere else. In addition, there are also many rare kinds of woods, animals such as monkeys, bears, tigers, hares, squirrels, birds and the list goes on.

So, what does Mount Fansipan have for us to see? As it is known, this hill is divided into a variety of zones. The first area accommodates tropical trees such as jackfruits, cotton, and rainforest plants, like tangled vines which is grown from the ground, at 700m. The second part is home to 700 seed-bearing plants such as pine trees or folkenia types at over 2000 meters. And at over 3000 meters is the third part. The peak composes of huge special bamboos trees like Phyllostachys and Chrysanthemums.

The romantic Muong Hoa Valley for couples

Overcoming the trekking hills in Sapa group tours, the couples will be amazed by the charming vista with several unspoiled points of nature which highlights a full framework. Muong Hoa valley seems to emerge in clouds and fog throughout the year. In the early morning, the weather is quite cold and the tourists might feel cool in the air by the clouds, the view is covered in white. The advice here is to visit there by motorbike, then you might find some small surrounding villages. Nevertheless, it can take several hours to get there although it seems to look closer. The primary colours are green and yellow in the terraced fields, in which green is from the trees and yellow is from the paddies.

The romantic scenery of Muong Hoa valley

In March and April, September and October every year, the local people will do the crops and couples have a chance of participating in Sapa’s activities like harvesting or paddling in shallow water. Other than that, couples might drop in on the local’s houses there to understand more about their hardworking which is useful for married life in the future!

Dropping in on this valley, tourists are also attracted by its famous mysterious ancient stone with hundreds of sandstone blocks that are inscribed with various shapes and sizes. In fact, nobody knows their origins and the special meanings but the mysterious ancient remnants are regarded by Sapa humankind as “the library of heaven with giant books left behind”.

A hospital landscape – Dragon Jaw

In the Sapa homestay tours, Ham Rong is also one of the must-see destinations. Ham Rong hill is in the centre of Sapa township, which was built in1966. The ecological area is concreted with the purpose of exploiting the valuable nature on the massive ledge.

Overview of Dragon Jaw hill

At the top of Mount Ham Rong, there are almost no leaves or trees but many forms of hills and green forests surround it. Dragon Jaw – a hospital landscape is famous for not only the hidden scenery but also the performance of Hmong girls and boys who dress as native people and perform music. Visiting there, couples can immerse themselves in the best performances of national songs and unique dances which become the unforgotten memories of their trip.

An emotional Silver waterfall

Under the grandiosity of nature, people can feel small. But the fourth place in the group tours to Sapa that I can introduce is a giant Silver Waterfall. At the height of two hundred meters, a giant waterfall falls down like heaven. Being situated next to the 4D highway in Sapa district, it is the source of Muong Hoa river.

Silver Waterfall- each tone is an emotion

Couples can experience the rumbling water flowing down with white foam, the sound of the wild forest when looking at the highest peak from the ground. It creates a sense of mystery and wilderness. In winter, Silver Falls area has a considerable amount of thick snow. Following the ladder to the bridge at an altitude of approximately 30 meters, foreigners will feel the water  poured on their sides.

In a nutshell, the Sapa tours can’t be complete if you skip one of the four places above, therefore, let’s arrange your schedule with a partner to enjoy the wonderful moments in your journey.


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