helloVietnam: Lap An – The hidden beauty of Hue

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Lap An Lagoon

HANOI, September 11, 2018 – Hue has never stopped astounding us with fascinating beauties. To have the best tours in Vietnam, let us go on a Hue tour to Lập An – the charm of the citadel.

If you are asked to choose one amongst the many destinations in Hue, what is the first answer that pops into your head? Probably the most commonly heard answer is Hue Citadel, since it is obviously one of the must-visit sites in the city that you cannot miss on your journey, one of the best tours in Vietnam. However, just think of the fact that it may cost you more than 200.000vnd for the entrance fee and you certainly won’t be able to visit every corner of the citadel in just one day, it will easily steer you to find the best place to buy tours in Vietnam. So, in case you are looking for a short Hue tour that you can enjoy in one day, without worrying about walking on foot or what pin on the map you should pay attention to, Lập An Lagoon is the ideal destination in Hue and one of the best tours in Vietnam.

1. Where is Lap An Lagoon?
Quietly huddled in a small corner of the dreamy Huế, Lập An is as charming as a fairy sleeping through her youth and who has forgotten the way back home! The enchantment, the attractiveness, and the aesthetic are as if drawn on the still mirror-like surface of the crystal green water, hugging one another in a lucid melody of the symphony of beauty.

Lap An – the heavenly beauty of Hue

If the Imperial Citadel praises the King in the remnants of Hue, Lập An bears a much more modest existence in the heart of Lăng Cô as a muse lying next to the mighty Gia Phú Mountain Pass. From a literary view, Lập An is not just an 800-hectare lagoon lying deadly and still, but the charming queen under the protection of the great Bạch Mã – a prince spreading his arms and perfectly shielding Lập An in the center of his heart.

2. How to get to Lap An?
From the center of Hue City, you can get to Lập An by either motorbike and car. Since it’s not too far, there is no need to travel by coach. If you want to go by motorbike, you can take the Highway 1A from the center of the city, continue on to Hải Vân Mountain Pass and you will be at Lăng Cô in no time.

When dawn has arrived on Lap An

The journey is similar traveling by car. If you travel to Lập An in the afternoon, it would be a great time to stop by and contemplate upon the gorgeous sunset with your loved one. For a short Hue tour, Lập An is the best destination that anyone can ever find, recommended by the best Vietnam tour companies.

3. The best time to visit Lap An
The recommended time for you to have a Hue tour to Lập An is probably between March and June. Many people who have traveled to Vietnam in the summer will surely be shocked as Vietnam in this time of the year is no different from a house on fire, with an average temperature of more than 30 degrees! However, as you travel to Central Vietnam, the heat is not as intense as in the North, and despite the summer heat you can surely get the best tours in Vietnam here. This is the perfect time to visit Lập An as the brightness from the sun turns Lập An into such a gorgeous painting ingrained with the glorious and sorrowful golden beams of the everlasting light.

The charming Lap An in the daylight

4. What to eat in Lap An?
It is not unusual that Lập An is favorably called “the Kingdom of Oysters” as raising oysters has been one of the most integral parts of Lập An locals’ lives, according to the best tours company in Vietnam. Therefore, the dish that you must try when coming to Lập An is definitely oyster. Apart from eating fresh oysters, tourists can taste many variants of the original oysters like oyster porridge, stir-fried oyster with onions, grilled oyster, and so many more delicious dishes.

Lap An Oyster

Besides oysters, sea cucumberis also a very famous dish in Lập An that you must try on one of the best tours in Vietnam. Usually, sea cucumber is not very cheap and so Vietnamese people do not eat it often. However, sea cucumber has proved to have many health benefits. In the past, the original Phở also had sea cucumber, which is also known as sá sùng, but nowadays, you can hardly find any restaurants that offer a bowl of Phở with sá sùng in it.

5. Lap An and Hue
Besides the commonly called name Lập An, the lagoon also has a less known name which is An Cư. This word “An Cư” is, in fact, a borrowed word from the original Chinese and is literally translated into Vietnamese as “a peaceful and happy life”. And so, most people who have found their way to Lập An all seek a bit of tranquility and peace in life. They can be young people who are struggling with their life, elderly who want to have a restful soul, and couples who want to spend a romantic moment together. Therefore, Lập An is also widely known as an ideal destination for a Hue tour for couples where lovebirds come to give their everlasting promise.

Lap An in the dusk

Lập An is probably the most beautiful at dusk and dawn when the sun rises to the sky of a new day with its most gentle sunlight, until it turns its brightest beams into the sorrowful purple covering of the night sky. It is hard for someone to describe the beauty of Lập An in just one or two words. The enchantment and the charm of this lagoon have become something very special, unique, and dear in the hearts of both the locals and the visitors. With people who have seen Lập An, even just once, the place has taken a significant space inside their heart and that imprint will forever reverberate in their memories, calling them to return to the dreamlike Huế again and again.

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