helloVietnam: Visit Van Giao brocade village in a South Vietnam adventure

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Vietnamese brocade

HANOI, August 24, 2018 – Van Giao is one of the most attractive destinations for you to enjoy the best tours in Vietnam with interesting traditional career and colorful life here.

Brocade fabric is one of the best attractions of Vietnamese culture. These colorful clothes, carpets, shawls, scarfs, etc. are woven by the skillful hands of Vietnamese craftsmen. Visiting Van Giao brocade village, you will have a chance to experience the process of weaving brocade and enjoy one of the best tours in Vietnam.

1.     Overview
Van Giao brocade village is located in Van Giao commune, Tinh Bien district, An Giang province. This is the living place of Khmer people. More than 80% of the population in this village are Khmer people. In addition to growing rice, farm products, raising castles and producing palm sugar, people in Van Giao also weave brocade fabrics. Brocade, also called Khmer silk, is a special and featured product of Khmer people for hundreds of years. Their brocade is not only beautiful but it also brings the cultural quintessence of this group.

Van Giao brocade

2.     History and Development
Van Giao has been a famous traditional village for its career of growing mulberry, raising silkworms and weaving silk for a long time. Every household in this village has a loom and spinning wheel for making silk, which works all day long. In many households in this village, besides alters of their ancestors, they also have alters of the forefather of the silk weaving career of Khmer people.

Vietnamese brocade

When the war happened in the southwest border of Vietnam in 1978, Van Giao villagers had to move to Soc Trang, Tra Vinh, Bac Lieu, etc. At that time, the silk weaving career was almost deleted. After the war ended, this career village became gloomy, the market for brocade no longer existed, and, consequently, the brocade weaving career in this village was at risk of falling into oblivion.

Khmer people with their traditional career

Facing with this real situation, Neang Nhay, a craftsman in Sray-Skoth Hamlet, was very active in teaching weaving brocade for her three daughters. Meanwhile, she encouraged many other women in her area to rehabilitate this traditional career. Thanks to her attempt, in 1992, the brocade of Khmer re-appeared in the Vietnamese market, making people in Tinh Bien and Tri Ton districts feel very encouraged. Visiting this area, remember to come to Van Giao village and explore many other interesting stories of your essential Vietnam tour.

3.     Van Giao brocade
Many years later, Van Giao brocade was exported to Cambodia with the brand name of “Khmer Silk”. In 1998, the international Care Organization in Vietnam held a project of Rehabilitating and Developing Program to develop the traditional career of weaving career of Khmer people in Van Giao village. Visiting this village in a Vietnam tailor made tour, you will have a chance to know more about this program.

Beautiful brocade products

Van Giao’s brocade is diverse and plentiful in patterns, colors, and products. It’s as beautiful as the brocade of ethnic groups in the Central Highland of Vietnam. To make high-quality brocade, people in Van Giao use natural ingredients and materials to make the dye and the silk burnished and smooth without the rough coat. Nowadays, Van Giao village has 71 households with 126 weaving workers.

Before dying the brocade, the workers have to imagine the patterns they would weave on the product in advance. Then, they hang the silk fibers on the house columns to mix the color. They will mark on the fibers before weaving, then they use pieces of nylon to wrap the tight in into parts.

Weaving brocade

Dying silk is the very difficult and time-consuming work, which can take the craftsmen up to months. However, the weaving step is much harder and more complicated. They use a sophisticated skill of 3-layer weaving using 3 different colors of orange, red, and green. Therefore, the brocade of Van Giao will change its color when you look at it from different aspects. Moreover, the brocade fabrics used for painting or tablecloth require more complicated skill because these products have more patterns.

Brocade of Van Giao village

Khmer women use this brocade to make their wedding dress, clothes for important events, decorate the worshiping place for Phoenix, or wear as head shawls. Van Giao’s brocade makes ladies look more beautiful and charming. Nowadays, products from Van Giao’s brocade are used widely in not only Vietnam but also other countries like the US, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia.

Visit An Giang, you shouldn’t miss Van Giao village – a pretty traditional village – to explore their career of weaving brocade and enjoy one of the best tours in Vietnam. This beautiful and peaceful village will give you a wonderful adventure and cultural tour.

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