helloVietnam: Young Vietnamese and new “Lemon Tea” culture

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Lemon tea on a plastic chair (source: Internet)

HANOI, July 21, 2018 – Vietnam culinary tour does not have only Pho, Bun Cha, etc. but also a new kind of drink, namely lemon tea. Let’s figure out with helloVietnam tour operator.

From a lesser-known practice to the capital’s citizens’ most-loved habit, the culture of sitting on a plain plastic chair with a glass of lemon tea somehow becomes an indispensable part of the locals’ spiritual life. Drinking “lemon tea” has acquired a reputation as an entirely new custom of Vietnamese, indeed among the young generation when they embark on a Vietnam culinary tour.

In the fast pace life with a hectic schedule, people tend to opt to hang out with their buddies as a way to unwind themselves and throw all of the stress off their mind. Lemon tea is a kind of drink coming with an incredibly reasonable price and a delectable taste, hence it is also easy to understand why youngsters choose this kind of drink over a numerous number of other ones.

The origin?

The very first “Lemon tea” stall is situated off on Dao Duy Tu street, which is one of the most bustling streets in the old quarter. It is famed for the top-notch recipe and has drawn a huge number of people to come on their Vietnam culinary tour. The taste of this kind of drink is certainly extraordinary and hard to be merged with any other.

The “lemon tea” wave has soon swept onto the whole city as there are a plethora of stalls plying this kind of drink in virtually every district of Vietnam. Due to the fact that perhaps many people are about to realize that running a business over this one could generate an incredibly superb profit so that sellers can make a greatly handsome living.

However, regardless of how it offers a massive revenue for the seller, it is not only a homely yet tasty drink but also offers a splendid chance for young Vietnamese to gather and chat with each other. Somehow they consider it as a way to relieve anxiety, chill out, and unwind themselves effectively. That’s why it has gained a more popularity nowadays.  Their topics are usually around the daily life, such as work, study, love, family, etc.

With around 10,000 dongs to 15,000 dongs for a glass of lemon iced tea (the price depends on the location, where the stalls are situated off. The price in downtown will certainly be much higher as such), you will have a quality time with your friends.

How to make an amazing cup of lemon tea?

How to make lemon tea (source: Internet)

Even though gearing up the ingredients for this drink, comprising of only tea, lemon, and sugar; is not challenging, indeed in the northern Vietnam, where tea is planted massively on the highland provinces. That stuff can be found in any traditional market or supermarket easily, though to create the right taste of this drink is not as easy as a pie. One tip is that adding a tad of honey will make the drink tastier.

  • Step 1: Put a few dried tea leaves inside the tea ball.
  • Step 2: Pour a jug of boiled water into that ball. Wait for a short period of roughly 15 minutes in order to make it sleep.
  • Step 3: Prepare a cup then pour the tea into.
  • Step 4: add a little spoon of sugar, then honey. Honey plays a role in reducing the unexpectedly bitter taste.

Where to try?

Everywhere in Vietnam, you are totally able to find a lemon iced tea stall in your Vietnam culinary tour, though not all of them can bring the lively atmosphere. Here are some:

  • Lemon tea on Dao Duy Tu street:

This street is known as the founder of this kind of drink in Vietnam. It is famed for the unique recipe rarely any stalls can duplicate. The lemon iced tea in this neighborhood is made to the perfection and also an ultimate combination of the bitterness of tea, together with the tartness of fresh lemon. The most focal point is that it is dotted by a fraction of jasmines and added a bit of honey.

Address: 31 Dao Duy Tu.

  • Cho Gao (Rice Market)
Rice Market (source: Internet)

Another reputable place to grab a cup of lemon iced tea in Vietnam is the neighborhood of Cho Gao (Rice Market). It’s located not too far from Dao Duy Tu street and both of them lie in Vietnam old quarter. Hence, it somehow becomes the main competitor with the stall of 31 Dao Duy Tu. However, it is a well-located destination for drinkers so it also attracts a large number of young Vietnamese coming there. The fact is that it’s fortunately not located in the walking street, heading there is not too challenging as you don’t need to find a parking lot like when coming to the above-mentioned one. If you haven’t known yet, there will be a walking place including many streets in the inner city around Hoan Kiem Lake every weekend.

Address: Cho Gao street.

  • St. Joseph’s Cathedral (Tra Chanh Nha Tho)
St. Joseph’s Cathedral (source: Internet)

The third place in our today list is definitely the lemon iced tea in St. Joseph’s Cathedral. Your Vietnam culinary tour would not be complete without a stop at this church. It is not only considered as a landmark of Vietnam, enchanting a host of tourists, indeed western ones, flocking here but there are also a plethora of stalls selling a wide range of dishes.

Due to the fact that this church lies in the intersection so there is a cluster of well-known streets situated off, comprising of Nha Chung, Ly Quoc Su, Au Trieu, Nha Tho. Of course, this neighborhood becomes a food paradise with a variety of snacks and lemon iced tea is not an exception. It offers a spectacular view and people opt for this neighborhood. Having seated on the side of St. Joseph’s Cathedral, listen to the sound from the bell, contemplate the green color of leaves, and drink a cup of lemon tea, somehow a sense of serenity pours into our soul.

  • Nga Tu So Intersection:

It’s not a pioneer in the lemon tea wave but this neighborhood has burst onto the scene due to its convenience. Located in the most bustling intersection of Vietnam, where a lot of universities situated, hence a numerous number of students living out there. It is also reasonable why this place becomes one of the optimal choice.

  • My Dinh Stadium:

This place is relatively generous as well as windy. It’s considered an ideal destination for lemon tea lovers residing in the extramural neighborhood of Vietnam. To those who don’t want to transport too far just for only a cup of drink, My Dinh is the best choice.

Frankly speaking, apart from those listed ones, Vietnam doesn’t lack any place plying lemon iced tea. Depend on your location or your interest, Vietnam has more than one on the offer. Once you get Vietnam, don’t hesitate to soak up in this new culture of young Vietnamans.

Vietnam culinary tour does not have only Pho, Bun Cha, etc. but also a new kind of drink, namely lemon tea.