Hotel Owners: How To Impact Positively The Local Communities

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Join our monthly webinars on practical solutions for hotels that wish to green their operations.This month:

“How to have a Positive Impact on the local Communities?”


Hotels are often accused of being the source of all evils in the places they are built.They upset the balance with the amount of wealth they bring, which they do not distribute locally, or in a way that creates blatant inequalities that ultimately result in the breakdown of the local cultural and social ecosystem.

Yet, there are solutions. Hotels have the power to make things better for the local populations. And as you’ll see, there are many advantages to be well regarded by the local communities…

To help you discover why, we are gathering a hotel owner and an expert, both decorated for their implication in community programs.



– Peter Richards:
Peter is a seasoned professional of the sustainability industry, boasting an impressive 15-years worth of experience in both the community and cultural topics of tourism. As a Travelife hotel auditor, he has experience of initiatives, taken by hotels, which benefit communities. All this has made him quite knowledgeable on how lessons learned working with communities outside the hotel sector could be applied by the hotel sector… something he wishes to share with us during this Webinar.

– Christian de Boer:
Christian is the general Manager of the Shinta Mani hotel, which won third place in TripAdvisor’s Best Hotel of the World contest. He will make you discover how his hotel works in concert with the Shinta Mani Foundation, an non-profit organization dedicated to helping the local population.

– Mark Dieler:
Founder of the Red Monkey Lodge after ten years in the business, Mark will be there to tell you how his resort became a haven for the local culture and a boon for the communities of Zanzibar.

They will be with us on the 12th of August at 6 pm GMT+7, to discuss why and how you should take steps to have a positive impact on local communities.

But if you cannot make it, don’t worry. Send us a message at and we will send you the recording with all the great tips and ideas from the event!

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