Join Khiri Travel for educational recycling events in Bangkok on 17 May

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BANGKOK, May 14, 2018- Khiri Travel is organising two community recycling and environmental education activities in and around Bangkok on 17 May from 4pm.

The activities are part of International Recycling Day, established by UNESCO. The effort is also in honour of Khiri Travel’s 25th anniversary. The public are welcome to join.

The events are in Klong Toey and Baan Ratchawadee Ying school in Nonthaburi.

Ms Gili Back, the Khiri Travel Sustainability Manager and Executive Director of Khiri Reach, says: “On May 17th every year, International Recycling Day is celebrated, although it is something that we should participate in every day. How? By being consistent, treating waste effectively, protecting the environment and fighting climate change.”

In order to help achieve this, Khiri Travel will be hosting special events, educational seminars and clean ups in seven countries across Asia. The two in Thailand are:

KHLONG TOEY MUSIC PROGRAM Trash Separation System Kids Training
Date: 17 May 2018
Start Time: 15:00am – 19:00pm
Location: Khlong Toey Music Program, 225 Soi Kheha Phatthana, Khlong Toey, Bangkok

Introduction – Celebrate International Recycling Day by learning how to recognize different materials and how to sort your trash for recycling purposes. Khlong Toey Music Program (KTMP) is a non-profit organization that creates positive social changes through teaching music for free to underprivileged kids.

Khiri Travel Thailand’s Bangkok office will be providing a Nazava water filter to the program and encouraging the use of refillable bottles for all the children. Training will include how to reduce their negative impact and stop single use disposable items.

Additionally a small recycling centre will be set up for the school’s kids, who will be encouraged to protect their neighbourhood and reduce their footprint by separating their garbage whilst helping the trash collectors.

Please come and join the team to learn more about this music school that is part of Playing for Change that teaches and encourages slum kids through music, English and arts as a way to get them off the streets and encourages them to have a brighter future.

Baan Rachawadee Ying Staff Training – Recycling & Composting
Date: 17 May 2018
Start Time: 10:00am – 14:00pm
Location: Baan Rachawadee Ying 78/15 Tiwanon-Pakkret Moo 1, Nonthaburi, Bangkok

Introduction – Celebrate International Recycling Day by learning to separate your trash at the source, what recycling is and the benefits of reducing food waste and composting in different ways.

Khiri Travel Thailand’s Bangkok office will be providing a Nazava water filter to Baan Rachawadee Ying and encouraging the use of refillable bottles for the staff and the children, training will include how to reduce their negative impact and stop single use disposable items and teaching the staff how to correctly use the bins and recycling centre that Khiri Reach set up at the home in January for International Environmental Education day.
Please come and join the team to learn more about this very special home for girls with mental and physical disabilities.

Further information: Gili Back, Khiri Travel Sustainability Manager & Executive Director Khiri Reach. Tel: +66 2 968 6828. Email: Or visit the Khiri Travel Facebook page here.


About Khiri Reach
Khiri Reach is a charity organization that was established to help disadvantaged people through community development, conservation, environment and empowerment projects. Khiri Reach has set up programs in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia with projects coming in Indonesia, Maldives and Sri Lanka. We focus on educating and working directly with people in rural areas and city zones to improve their living conditions in a sustainable way. Khiri identifies bona fide projects that need funding, advises donors and volunteers and ensures that 100% of donations go to beneficiary projects, with Khiri Travel covering all overheads whilst coordinating with local NGOs and projects. Khiri Travel also provides manpower as all staff are allocated five paid working days a year to dedicate to the Khiri Reach projects they wish to lead.

About Khiri Travel
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