Maggie Wu

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Chief World Explorer,, Travel V-logger, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker


FlywithMaggie’s mission in life is about 5T: Travel, Training, Therapy,
Truth, Transformation.

Maggie’s travel covers Wilderness to Wellness. By exploring the external world to reach and connect the internal world, our heart and soul.

Travel is not a form of escape, but a way to expand and explore ourselves.

FlywithMaggie is a bilingual travel video blog in China run by a Chinese world traveller and a former TV presenter. Throughout her videos she retains a perky self-deprecating humour and fun-loving voice to attract audience. Beyond her own experiences as a Chinese traveller, Maggie gears herself toward Chinese independent travellers and adventurous culture explorers featuring stories from her own adventures around the world.

Maggie rarely says no to anything and, as a result, has many colourful
tales from scuba-diving in Malaysia to sky jumping in Australia. She is also a passionate motivational speaker hoping to inspire the Chinese of her generation to venture out of their comfort zones and travel more.

FlywithMaggie Travel Online Show:  Total views: 800,000 + Total views: 2,000,000 +