Meet the latest team of PATA Intern Associates!

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In the last quarter of 2019, we’ve had the pleasure to welcome 4 new staff to the PATA Intern Associate Programme

Although they come from around the world, one thing they have in common is a love for travel and desire to learn! 

Let’s get to know them: 

Alii! My name is Ivory Vogt and I am from the Pacific Island nation of Palau. I am proud to be the first Micronesian intern here at PATA.. I assist in planning relevant workshops, attending events to find potential partnerships and writing weekly newsletter articles about sustainable tourism! I am passionate about sustainability, the ocean and travel. I love to go on adventures and to play guitar. I like meeting new people to learn about other cultures and ways of life. I am also very obsessed with coconut bowls and all things not plastic.

Hi!! I’m Kana from Japan. I like seeing the diversity of culture, ways of life, the environment, languages, food, thoughts, and people. That’s why my favorite things to do is walk around, thinking about my own feelings, talking with people, and staying close to nature. I believe these differences make the world interesting and bring colors in each thing. 

I have a passion for tourism and hope that people will see its uniqueness and createunforgettable experiences through it. I’m interested in the events that put various people and opinions together in order to make the world a better place, the event that benefit both people and nature!

Hello everyone! My name is Rio, and I am from Indonesia. I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to have an internship in PATA, the leading travel association in the Asia Pacific. I am working with Membership department as Membership Relations Associate, overseeing member news on websites and PATA social media as well as reaching out to PATA members to provide them the best service. I really like to watch movies and singing and am very passionate about travelling, which is why I always have one motto in life: “Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.”  

I am Tammy from Hong Kong SAR. Properly, I am the oldest intern in PATA! Having worked in nature education for 10 years, I returned to graduate school for my Master’s in the School of Hospitality & Tourism Management. I am excited to turn my passion into my career and do something small but beautiful for our planet and the community in the future. 

I am an intern in SIC (Strategic Intelligence Centre), working closely with my teammates and external consultants and analysts of national tourist offices all over the world. It allows me to gain the latest tourism trends and issues shaping the global travel industry. The PATA Intern Associate Programme helps me open the door to reposition my future, and it will be the best move of my next career.

About PATA Intern Associate Programme

The PATA Intern Associate Programme provides students with the opportunity to learn about PATA and the travel and tourism industry on an international scale.  PATA provides on-the-job training with senior staff members to all intern associates, benefiting both the intern associate and the employer. 

Learn more about PATA Intern Associate Programme