Muna Haddad

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Managing Director, Baraka, Jordan

Muna Haddad is the founder and managing director of BARAKA, a company specialised is sustainable tourism development. BARAKA develops innovative tourism models that contribute to poverty alleviation, cultural preservation and nature conservation. She led ecotourism master planning of protected areas in Jordan, Morocco and the Mediterranean region, developed community-based tourism businesses in rural areas and the Badia, and developed a training curriculum that contributes to the preservation of ecosystems through tourism. She is also the Founding President of the Jordan Trail Association, an NGO tasked with developing and managing the Jordan Trail. The JT is a 650 km hiking trail traversing Jordan from north to south, and contributing to creating tourism jobs in poverty pockets and underdeveloped areas of the country. She is considered a contributor on sustainable tourism and speaks at universities and international conferences on topics related to transformative travel, adventure tourism, community-based tourism, destination marketing and has recently been addressing defensive marketing and the impacts of the political crisis in the region.