News from Jiang Tai Global Assistance Service Co., Ltd.

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BANGKOK, Jul 20, 2018 – On July 5, 2018, two tourist boats carrying more than 120 Chinese tourists in Phuket, Thailand capsized and sank in a huge storm, leading to the deaths of more than 40 people dead and many injured. The disaster affected the hearts of many Chinese. Dajiuxing (meaning the Great Saviour), a mobile internet platform run by Jiangtai Assistance Service Company that provides global assistance services for Chinese travellers, immediately started its emergency response mechanism and sent its local staff based in Phuket to assist the rescue work. In the meantime, one of its top managers from the Beijing headquarters caught the first flight to Phuket while contacts were made with the Consulate Office of the Chinese Consulate General in Songkhla and local hospitals.

In the following seven days, staff of Dajiuxing helped soothe those injured and family members of the deceased, assisted with document translation and coordinated a team of volunteers composed of psychologists to offer psychologist intervention and other services for them. It kept close contact with the Joint Work Team of the Chinese Government and prepared to carry out any of its assignment of assistances.

In the past ten years or so, the number of outbound travels taken by Chinese tourists has skyrocketed, reaching 129 million in 2017, and occupying the first place in the world for five consecutive years. This continued growth has also been accompanied by all kinds of accidents associated with those travels. For example, 34 mainland tourists died and 10 injured in a bus accident on Highway 5 in Chinese Taipei in February 2017; 32 were killed and 2 seriously injured in a road accident in Korea (ROK), and now the accident in Phuket that led to more than 40 deaths. Travel safety has become an issue that cannot be overlooked for Chinese outbound tourists. In order to create a safer travel environment, Jiangtai Assistance Service Company developed Dajiuxing, the largest homegrown global assistance service platform based on mobile internet technology, forming a global assistance system comprised of Dajiuxing APP, individuals, Jiangtai Global Assistance Alliance and Global Command Centre that is designed to provide overall travel safety solutions for Chinese tourists.