News from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

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Jack Ma Wants Alibaba To Serve 2 Billion Consumers 

  • Ma envisions Alibaba to be platform for small businesses around the world
  • Next phase of growth will come from helping 10 million small businesses outside China
  • Alibaba hopes to exceed Walmart in sales in 10 years

Unlock Trillions to Tackle Global Inequality and Create Jobs, Panel Urges

  • Remove $2 trillion of global energy subsidies and invest it in job creation and education, particularly for women
  • $18 trillion stashed in tax havens could be ploughed back into the economy
  • $7 trillion on balance sheets remains uninvested

World Economic Forum Gains Formal Status in Switzerland

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, 23 January 2015 – The World Economic Forum, founded in 1971 as a not-for-profit organization, has gained formal status under the Swiss Host-State Act, confirming the role of the Forum as an International Institution for Public-Private Cooperation.

Leaders Say 2015 is Key Year for Global Action on Climate Change 

  • 2015 is a critical year for action on climate change and sustainable development
  • Growth must be more inclusive and green – spending directed towards low-carbon growth will create carbon-resilient societies
  • Commitment and creativity are needed to set the world on path of energy-efficient, low-carbon growth

World Economic Forum to Host Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 Secretariat

  • World Economic Forum to host secretariat of Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA) 2020 beginning February 2015
  • TFA is a global public-private partnership designed to help slow tropical deforestation and address climate change
  • Forum will help TFA to expand and implement company commitments for sustainable sourcing of key agricultural commodities

French President Hollande Calls for Global Response to Extremism and Terrorism 

  • The terrorist attacks in Paris have drawn France – and Europe – closer together
  • France has announced sweeping reforms aimed at boosting security, education and economic growth
  • ECB decision welcomed: “It compels us to be more daring – to release the brakes on growth”

China’s Premier Meets Top Business Leaders in Davos

  • Premier Li Keqiang holds dialogue with top international business leaders at World Economic Forum
  • Premier answered questions and offered guidance on China’s economic reform agenda

Closing Latin America’s Competitiveness Gap through Skills and Innovation

  • Latin America has an urgent need to boost its productivity to sustain and enhance competitiveness
  • Report responds to concerns about skills mismatch and low innovation in the context of declining commodity prices, global economic slowdown
  • Recommends a systemic and collaborative approach to address skills and innovation challenges

Civilized World Will Not Bow to Threat of Terrorism, Says US Secretary Kerry

  • Defeating Daesh is top priority in the global fight against terrorism
  • Ending conflict requires more than just eliminating the terrorist groups of today
  • A coordinated approach is required across military, humanitarian, economic and political spheres

Leaders Confident that ASEAN Economic Community Will Be Launched By End of Year

  • Common market will have 600 million people, world’s fastest growth rates
  • Regulatory harmonization needs to accompany economic integration

Bill and Melinda Gates Say Innovation and Technology Will Drive a Sustainable Future

  • The main reason for optimism is the evidence of the past – tremendous progress has been made
  • The lives of people in poor countries will improve faster in the next 15 years than at any other time in history
  • Important breakthroughs will be driven by innovation and technology

Scientific Breakthroughs in Big Data, Brain Science and Ebola Possible for 2015

  • Interactions between big data, life sciences and computational research are transforming the future of sciences
  • Public action in areas such as climate change and funding basic research still lacking
  • Scientists hope for breakthroughs in treating Ebola, mapping the brain and understanding physics in 2015

2,500 Bikes Donated to Rural African Students as Part of Davos Challenge 

  • Participants at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting walked enough miles to meet a donation goal of 2,500 bicycles set by UBS and the Forum
  • The bicycles will be given to children in rural Africa, making it easier for them to get to school

Japan to Host World Economic Forum Special Meeting in 2016

  • World Economic Forum and Japan to convene meeting for leaders of tomorrow in October 2016
  • 2,000 representatives from culture, sports, youth, government, business, civil society and academia to participate

World Economic Forum Launches Future of the Internet Initiative

  • New multi-year initiative aims to strengthen trust and expand cooperation on internet-related challenges and opportunities
  • Dialogue will complement formal institutions and existing initiatives by Forum communities
  • Initiative to focus initially on five broad areas that are crucial to the future of the internet and the digital economy

Leaders Urge Action on Gender Parity in 2015 

  • 2015 is a landmark year for laying foundations for achieving gender parity
  • Education and technology cut across every aspect of women’s empowerment
  • The mobile phone has the power to change things for people around the world

Economic Prospects Brightened by ECB Package, Falling Oil Prices, Structural Reforms

  • ECB package creates the space for structural reform
  • Falling oil prices provide a boost to growth
  • Promising structural reforms in Brazil, China and Japan

Japan and World Economic Forum to Jointly Address Cybersecurity 

  • Cybersecurity a priority for Japan ahead of Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • Meeting on cybersecurity will be held 7-8 November 2015 in Bankoku Shinryokan, Okinawa, Japan
  • Theme of the meeting will be Cybersecurity, Cybercrime and Cyber Connection (Cyber3)

45th Annual Meeting Ends, Closing Four Days of Debates on World’s Most Pressing Current Affairs and Long-Term Trends 

  • More than 2,500 representatives of business, government, academia and civil society participated in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2015
  • Inequality, climate change and the future of the internet were among the most discussed long-term challenges
  • Monetary policies and the fight against terrorism dominated the current affairs agenda
  • François Hollande, Li Keqiang, Ahmet Davutoğlu and Angela Merkel were among those addressing the meeting, with Matteo Renzi and Abdelfattah Said Hussein Alsisi making their first appearance in Davos
  • Initiatives such as Shaping Davos, the Global Challenge and Transformation Maps were launched

Premier Li Says “No Hard Landing for China’s Economy” Despite Slowdown

  • No hard landing for China’s economy, says Premier Li Keqiang
  • Economy expected to see further slowdown in 2015
  • China committed to structural reforms
  • For more information about the Annual Meeting 2015:

Industrial Internet of Things: Unleashing the Potential of Connected Products and Services

  • Report assesses the business and socio-economic opportunities and risks expected in latest wave of technological change
  • The Industrial Internet of Things to redraw industry boundaries and create a new wave of disruptive companies
  • Vast majority of organizations still do not understand the full impact on their business and industries
  • Download the report here

Iraq’s Unity Seen as Key Condition for Success in Fight against ISIS

  • Dismantling Iraq is not the way to prevail against the ISIS threat
  • Struggle against ISIS equated to earlier historic battles for survival
  • Regional cooperation and trust crucial to addressing regional crisis
  • For more information about the Annual Meeting 2015:

Reduce Bandwidth Costs, Increase Access and Include Women for Brighter Digital Future

  • Network connectivity is becoming a basic social good
  • The risks of fragmentation threaten to undermine gains of connectivity
  • Inclusion of disenfranchised needed to ensure social goods of connectivity are evenly distributed
  • For more information about the Annual Meeting 2015:

Managing Migration will Take Political Courage and Leadership

  • With growing hostility towards migrants, political courage and leadership are needed to manage the movement of people across borders
  • A joint refugee policy is needed in Europe, together with more international cooperation
  • Migration can be a powerful tool for development as migrants contribute to their home countries through remittances
  • For more information about the Annual Meeting 2015:

Chancellor Merkel Calls for Urgent Fiscal Reform in Europe

  • Whatever the decision of the European Central Bank, Europe requires urgent fiscal and structural reforms
  • The European single market needs to become less regulated and more open
  • Germany’s actions are oriented towards keeping Greece in the Eurozone
  • For more information about the Annual Meeting 2015:

Moving the Anti-Corruption Agenda from Recommendations to Action

President Sisi of Egypt Vows to Address National and Regional Challenges

  • Completing the country’s institutional renewal remains a priority
  • Private sector and international investment play key role in plans for Egypt’s development
  • Time to rethink religious discourse and accept that no one has monopoly of the truth
  • For more information about the Annual Meeting 2015:

New Community Provides Forward-Looking Insights on “Global Shifts”

  • The Global Strategic Foresight Community brings together 32 experts to identify insights, or shifts, that will shape future global, regional and industry agendas
  • Members of the community are all drawn from leading public, private or civil society organizations
  • For more information about the community and the “Global Shifts”:
  • For more information about the Annual Meeting 2015:

New Framework to Help Companies Calculate Risk of Cyberattacks

  • World Economic Forum members present a cyber value-at-risk framework that shows what companies can do to protect themselves against cyberattacks and how they can assess the impact of cyberthreats
  • The framework arrives in the midst of a wave of cyberattacks against companies and governments
  • Download the full report here

Report Highlights Opportunities to Build Tomorrow’s Electricity Sector

  • New Forum report, The Future of Electricity, finds that the electricity sector faces increased uncertainties and declining returns for utilities as it seeks to make the transition to a low-carbon system
  • Report offers guidance on transforming the electricity sector to a more sustainable, affordable and reliable system; outlines recommendations to achieve an estimated $7.6 trillion in investments needed by 2040 to meet energy policy objectives
  • Report also identifies dimensions of policy, market design and business models as key investment enablers
  • For more information about the Annual Meeting 2015:

Shigeru Ban, Andrea Bocelli, Angélique Kidjo receive Crystal Awards; Open World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos

  • Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli, Beninois-French singer Angélique Kidjo will be awarded at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting with a Crystal Award
  • Introduced in 1995, the 21st Crystal Awards recognize personalities in the arts who are true global citizens, and help improve the state of the world through their art
  • The Crystal Awards Ceremony marks the opening of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, which focuses increasingly on culture as a means to promote inclusion and equality
  • For more information about the Annual Meeting 2015:

Business Leaders Urge Structural Reforms to Spur Global Growth

  • Monetary policy alone cannot do the job and politicians must deliver
  • Infrastructure investment to come from new sources
  • Anticorruption campaign in China working well
  • For more information about the Annual Meeting 2015:

Politicians Must Act Now to Transform Risks into Opportunities, Says Italy’s Prime Minister

  • Transforming risks into opportunities is the quality of leadership
  • The politician’s role is to the seize the moment – carpe diem
  • Growth and investment in Europe are important, not just the politics of austerity
  • The most important structural reform for Italy is credibility
  • For more information about the Annual Meeting 2015:

Ukraine’s President Reaffirms Country’s Unified, Democratic and European Nature

  • Ukrainian leader optimistic on chances for peace
  • Government committed to economic reform and welcomes investment
  • For more information about the Annual Meeting 2015:

Turkey’s Prime Minister Says Inclusiveness, Implementation and Investment are Key Goals of G20 Presidency

  • Keystone of G20 presidency is to lay the foundations for more robust growth
  • Success of international cooperation depends on implementation of decisions
  • Turkey ready to play the role of international mediator and bridge-builder
  • For more information about the Annual Meeting 2015:

A “Dangerous Mistake” to Ignore Uncertainty, Swiss President Warns

  • Overall globalization has led to prosperity and reduced poverty, but that is not the case everywhere
  • Nationalist and populist parties that are critical of globalization, reject immigration and incite Euroscepticism are on the rise in many countries in Europe
  • Business people and politicians need to accept responsibility and address the uncertainties created by today’s global economy
  • For more information about the Annual Meeting 2015: