hello Vietnam: Overwhelming beauty of 12 flower seasons in Hanoi

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Flower vendors in Hanoi

HANOI, June 15, 2018 – Besides the nostalgic architectural works and the distinguished lifestyle, the brilliant beauty of 12 flowers in 12 months is a must-see image that any Hanoi group tours should not miss.

The peaceful capital of Vietnam has long gained a huge reputation for the history and culture that dates back to more than a thousand year ago, making Hanoi a haunted destination in the eyes of both domestic and international travelers. But that does not mean Hanoi group tours are only about ancient buildings, long-lasting history, and unique customs. Hanoi possesses a tranquil and gentle beauty – a conspicuous “Hanoi” feel that does not coincide anywhere else. The city is even more appealing with the brilliant color and exquisite fragrance of different flowers covering the street corners in 12 months.

January – Peach Blossoms

January marks the farewell between Hanoi and winter. When the weather lifts to a warmer note, the flowers come. As delicate as the thinnest of tissues and as vibrant as Ha Dong silk, peach blossoms bloom with their various forms, adding their perfume to Hanoi streets. After the denuded trees in winter, their new and splendid clothes are such a joy to see. When the flower gardens and the streets are dotted with the pink color, we can realize it is spring without having to look at the calendar.

Peach Blossoms

Around 1-2 weeks prior to the Lunar New Year, both Hanoi dwellers and tourists head their way to the flower gardens along the riverside of the Red River to put on “ao dai” – the traditional Vietnamese costume and take quintessential photos for a new year. It is a must-experience activity for anyone taking Hanoi group tours in early spring.

February – Ban Flower (Orchid tree flower)

Even though Ban Flower (Orchid tree flower) is the symbol of the mountainous northwestern Vietnam, it is a familiar flower with Hanoians. Blossoming between middle February and early March, the white, red, and violet of Ban flowers lighten up Bac Son Street (near Ba Dinh Square), capturing the hearts of all passengers. The flowers and the sentries in green military outfits altogether make up such a beautiful scene that people cannot stand taking photos.

Ban flowers

Some nearby destinations are also wonderful places to watch Ban flowers such as Lenin Monument, Thanh Nien Street, and Nguyen Du Street.

March – Sua Flower

Sua (Dalbergia tonkinensis) is a legume species that is found in Hainan Island (China) and Vietnam. As it is a precious timber whose wood is of high value, Sua is at risk of overexploitation. In Vietnam, taking Hanoi tours is perhaps the only way for travelers to see the beauty of this flower. It is such a pleasure to watch them bloom in March in the city. The flowers are like a pure girl who is having the first crush in her life. They are an unrivaled art that any works of human can defeat.

The pure white of Sua flowers

Sua flower is exquisite, yet its blooming season is too short. A few days after the white appears on Hanoi sky, those petals, those perfect silky hearts, will flutter down as gentle rain and leave room for the green leaves. Even when Sua flower season is coming to end, it is still irresistibly beautiful. Walking under the trees when their petals rain down in a steady trickle, you will feel like you are in your own weddings. It is just too poetic a scene to be true.

You can find Sua trees in Lenin Park or some streets like Phan Dinh Phung, Dien Bien Phu, Ngo Quyen, and Thanh Nien.

April – Lily

When summer is taking the very first steps to the city and the weather is still a little bit cold, in the streets of Hanoi, lily season is also coming. It is not difficult to see the street vendors carry bunches of white lilies along the streets. The image of the white petals gently bunching together, neatly folded on the back of the bike has been a distinctive beauty that only Hanoi possesses. Not brilliantly blooming or fragrant like other flowers, the simple and pure white of lilies gently wins the hearts of locals and tourists.

Lilies – the flower of April

Lilies can easily be found on vendors on some streets like Thanh Nien, Thuy Khue, Giang Vo, and Nguyen Chi Thanh.

May – Phoenix and Banaba flowers

The burning red of phoenix flowers

Phoenix and Banaba flowers are the two symbols of summer. Hanoi streets in May are full with the bright purple of banaba flowers and the burning red of phoenix flowers. These two flowers are also the flowers of youth and school time. Their blooming means a school year is going to end. Especially, with final-year pupils and students, the last summer at school is an unforgettable period in their lifetime.

West Lake, Kim Ma Street, To Lich’s riverbanks, and Hoan Kiem Lake are the best places to observe Phoenix and Banaba flowers in Hanoi.

June – Lotus

Group tours to Hanoi in June cannot miss visiting the West Lake, where starts to become awash with the blooms of lotuses. To the Vietnamese, lotus is a symbol of beauty, purity, elegance, commitment, grace, and fertility. It is so significant a flower that it is voted to be the official national flower of the nation.

Lotus in June

Early in the morning, when the sun doesn’t even wake up yet, the locals push off in their boats to cut the flowers to sell for the early birds. Street vendors bring bunches of pink lotuses to every corner in the city, which is just an awesome picture to enjoy.

In this season, lotus ponds are always crowded with youngsters in colorful traditional clothes coming here for photo-shooting. It is also possible to row a small boat to pick the lotuses yourself.

July – Sau Flower

Along Hanoi streets are rows of bushy sau trees but not many people notice its flowers. Sau flower is not as exuberant as sunflower or as sweet as June’s lotus, it quietly stays in its private space. Sau flower and its tree have long been tied to this city, thus occupying a small space in every Hanoian’s mind.

Sau flowers and leaves on the street

When the falling leaves flutter down, sau flowers start to bloom. The tiny sau flowers are milky white or light yellow, looking like small pearls shivering fancily in the wind. The gentle beauty and faint aroma of the flowers make summer cooler and gentler in the eyes of both locals and tourists.

August – Xoan Flower

Xoan (Spondias lakonensis) flower is the symbol of Vietnamese countryside. Some say it is rustic. Yes, it’s rustic but still exceptionally beautiful. The soft and thin petals are pure and rustic like the simple and honest people in the countryside. It recalls us of a joyful childhood when we are young, free, and naive.

Xoan flowers

The smell of Xoan flower is rather light and pleasant to breathe. Xoan trees are not concentrated in a large population but appear sparsely in the narrow streets and alleys of Hanoi. Sound invisible, yet still important.

September – Hoa Sữa (Milk Flower)

“Hoa sữa” is the flower of blackboard tree. It is reknown as the symbol of autumn in Hanoi and has gone into several famous pieces of poems, writing, and songs. No one knows since when but the scent of milk flowers have become “the scent of Hanoi” in the eyes of not only travelers taking Hanoi group tours but also locals themselves.

Milk flower is the symbol of autumn in Hanoi

When the autumn wind flows and brings the cold of the winter to the town, milk flowers in Hanoi start to bloom, marking the beginning of the season of love and leaving Hanoians, especially those who are in love, with unforgettable feelings. Couples walk hand-in-hand in the street, sniff the sweet scent of milk flowers, say sweet words, and give the other a warm kiss. Undeniably, milk flowers have become the witness to many people who were, are, and will be in love.

Blackboard trees are planted in several streets in Hanoi. You will not need to find them, as the scent can be smelled from very far away.

October – Daisy

Whenever October comes, the corners of the streets start to be filled with the white of little daisy petals. The blizzard appearance makes even the insouciant people have to take a glimpse.

Daisies in October

Daisy is the symbol of innocence and purity. Every petal lies perfectly under the sun, white, yet kissed pink at the tips. They don’t come in ones or twos, but in hundreds like an intense floral flash-mob, looking like they are standing together to rival the cold October.

Besides the street vendors that appear in the street corners, you can pay a visit to the flower gardens to be left in awe by the huge white blanket of this beautiful flower.

November – Forget-me-not flower

Forget-me-not flowers

When other flowers start to wither, the soft violet of forget-me-not flowers quietly reaches every corner of Hanoi. This fragile flower is said to be the symbol of fidelity and faith in love.

Forget-me-not gardens are always one of the favorite shooting destinations of Hanoi youngsters.

December – Yellow Mustard Flower

Yellow mustard field

To the west of Hanoi locates tens of hectares of mustard fields, which are originally for agricultural purposes but now has become a top destination for Hanoi group tours in December. The yellow mustard flowers brighten up a region, which is just so mesmerizing to observe. Sitting on a dyke and watching the endless fields of golden blooms, you will feel all your sorrow and sadness have been blown away.

12 flower seasons of Hanoi are so awe-inspiring that it has become an endless inspiration for photography enthusiasts, poets, writer, and musicians. Just leave all behind and head to Hanoi to enjoy this spectacular scenery!

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