PATA Associate: Supporting Wildlife Conservation Through Art

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“Is it human nature to revel in the environment while also participating in its destruction? What will we pass to our future generations and how can we educate them on what has happened to our natural systems? Realistic representation through artistic expression has always been a way of documenting, educating, and eliciting emotions. Presenting the viewer with an authentic lens, one that is documentary and raw, my artwork narrates the irreversible impact humans have on the earth. I aim to leave the viewer questioning classical notions of beauty and destruction. I see my artwork as a critique of our current industrialized society; thus, creating necessary dialogue around how our development is changing both our surroundings and ourselves.”

– Mathias Horne

Recently PATA’s Bangkok head office has gained a new member. Canadian artist, Mathias Horne (‘97), has joined us as a Membership Relations Associate. He received his Bachelors of Arts and Science (B.A.&Sc.) with a focus on Visual Communication from Quest University Canada in 2019. Mathias’ environmental work has been showcased in multiple educational panels, presentations and exhibitions.

His artwork and activism is related to the preservation of threatened wildlife populations and the natural world, by capturing both the beauty and the crisis of affected populations, endangerment and their changing environments.

In Horne’s artwork, you will find outlets for productive dialogue and thought through different affected species in our rapid world of industrialization. One of Mathias Horne’s most recent and notable works addressing these issues includes the Grizzly Bear Project; a collection of paintings in partnership with The Grizzly Bear Foundation where 20% of all proceeds supports the conservation work and protection of grizzly bears in North America.

About the Grizzly Bear Foundation

The Grizzly Bear Foundation is the only Canadian charitable organization dedicated solely to the welfare of grizzly bears (Ursusarctos). They work collaboratively to support the conservation and preservation of grizzly bears through research and public education. They connect people with the latest research and conservation programs to improve human-bear interactions and empower communities to become better stewards of both grizzly bears and their habitats.

If you would like to find out more about the foundation,
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Alongside the contributions to PATA and The Grizzly Bear Foundation, Mathias has been actively visiting and looking for opportunities, and collaborations with different wildlife foundations within the Asia-Pacific Region for his future painting collations.

If you would like to learn more about the young artist, his current work, or how you can get in contact,
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Mathias’ story and work is an excellent example of how artworks can educate and draw attention to environmental problems and conservational efforts. We look forward to seeing where his artwork takes him!

Mathias Horne