PATA Philippines University of Baguio Student Chapter – The New Eco-friendly Fitness Craze

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BAGUIO CITY, April 13, 2019 – Last April 13 2019, The Travel Club- PATA UBaguio Student Chapter initiated an event entitled, “Plogging: The Champions’ Way To a Greener City”. “Plogging”  is a new eco-friendly fitness routine that began in Sweden. It further proliferated among the different nations which adds to the growing list of creative ways in solving trash problems and litters, that is one of the major problems of countries around the globe. The said activity was a combination of “jogging” and “plocka upp” which is a Swedish term for “pick-up” that entails jogging and stopping to pick up trash that can be seen on your route. Furthermore, this served as an outreach program of the organization, where in their little ways they can give back to the community and start a movement in making a difference especially in preserving our environment. This event was planned out in support of the UN’s advocacy which is promoting sustainable tourism  and strengthened through SIHTM’s Green S.W.I.T.C.H program.

There were 80 tourism students who actively participated in the said activity. The event started at 7AM in the University of Baguios’ Student Centre where they had their warm up activity through a Zumba which was led by the Travel Club members, officers and co-advisers, Ms. Rachel Grace Liclican and Ms, Jessel Joy Rufin. A short opening remarks and prior instructions was given by their very own adviser, Ms. Joanna Marie Victorio. At around 8AM, the participants started to jog on their way to Burnham Park. The mother of all parks was the first destination that is ideal for the event because of it being accessible to the University and there were tourism-related events which was and are yet to be held in the area. They began  picking up litters that were scattered along the route together with their adviser and co-advisers. To utilize the time and the number of participants who were present, they were divided into 3 groups : (A.) Maam Jessel and students; Childrens Park B.) Maam Rachel and students around the lake C.) Maam Joanna and students outskirts of burnham; skating rink biking area). After a while, the participants assembled in Melvin Jones and surprisingly, in 2 hours time they were able to fill up as much as 20 garbage bags of trash collected around the area. 

The plogging activity paved way in spreading awareness to just how much litter lines our streets and parks that really needs an immediate attention for the further improvement and enhancement of Baguio City. Let us not be a part of  the cause in a problem rather we should all be a part of its solution.