PATA Student Chapter STPNB annouce the winners of Asean Travel Writing Competition

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NUSA DUA, April 05, 2019 – As for PATA Student Chapter, it is a platform to empower future leaders like us who are currently enrolled at an educational institution member of PATA by getting us exposed, connected and involved with the front-lie industry leaders. Our role is to touch as many youths as possible to build a sustainable future together. Here in Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Nusa Dua Bali, we also have the PATA STPNB Student Chapter by creating a travel writing competition within the ASEAN Range.

Travel writing itself is a genre of writing in which the author describes places they have visited and their experiences while traveling. In this competition, participants could express their experience in traveling to parts of the world. Also with the help from the PATA Headquarter, we believe we could connect with other PATAns from each part of this world. Either through sharing, or participating in this competition. Within this competition, the best papers would be given prizes as a token of appreciation. We choose travel writing because as a way to promote our Student Chapter and as an organization that upholds each individual’s mindset, creativity, and talent. We believe by arranging this travel writing competition is the best way to empower young tourism professionals by getting them exposed, connected, and involved with the tourism industry.

We choose ASEAN because our target participant are tourism college students within the age of 18 until 22 years old who lives in ASEAN area, and why we choose travel writing because we believe that through this competition we can encourage creativity, passion and interest of each individuals. And the reason we use travel writing competition is to see what individuals from each part of the world on their views about tourism in Bali
Dreaming of Bali
We want to see portrayals of Bali from each individuals that have different perspective about tourism itself and embrace their depictions for tour development of Bali.
“Dream it, Chase It”
The aim of this tagline is to give opportunity to participant, so each individuals could develop their own idea, and explore their creativity about Bali. The winners will win a chance to explore and feel about what they have dream of.
Vision and Mission
1. Vision
– We are as a mediator between the PATA STPNB Student Chapter and
the general public to explore interest, talents, and creativity of
traveling also to introduce and promote tourism in Indonesia,
especially in Bali.
2. Mission
– Providing opportunities for individuals in ASEAN to explore the islands of Gods Bali and provide memorable experience.
– Contacting other PATA Student Chapter to share participant’s ideas, exchanging best cases, studies and possibilities.

With that, we proudly announce that we have found the winners, such as :

1st Nguyen Phuong Hoa from Vietnam

2nd Camille Joyce Lisay from Phillipines

3rd Chan Pichmonyka from Cambodia

We are really thankful for everyone that has contributed to this event.