Plastic Free July is here!

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CAMBODIA, July 9 2019 – Last night in Siem Reap we launched Cambodia’s 5th Plastic Free July, a community campaign to help us change our habits around plastic use. We have a big problem with plastic pollution and you can help solve it by making small changes.

Last year more than 120 million people from 177 countries joined this community challenge.

This year is the 5th Plastic Free July in Cambodia.

At Plastic Free Southeast Asia, we localize the solutions that relate to you and where you live to make the swaps easy.

How are you going to avoid all plastic in July? Well, firstly, make it simple by starting with 5 basic swaps. The most common plastics polluting our environment are bags, straws, coffee cups, takeaway containers and water bottles – by changing these 5 things to reusable bag/basket, no straw or bamboo, your own coffee flask, chan srak/tiffin or lunch box and your own drink bottle you’re making a huge impact!

We’ll be providing tips and motivational advice on facebook and Instagram during the month.

Huge calendar of events this month:
In Siem Reap
5th Anniversary Party – this Saturday 6th July (everyone gets a gift, one lucky person gets to stay at Songsaa Resort!!) **Make sure you buy your ticket ASAP**
BYO coffee cup day – Thursday 10th July
Plastic Free Masterclass – Sunday 14th July
A Plastic Ocean Movie – ask about this for your school or NGO – 19th July
Be Plastic Free Gala – Friday 26th July

**Plus Phnom Penh, see poster below!**

If you want to do more:
– Use our reward program and give a “good effort” badge to cafes or food carts near you that are doing what they can even if they can’t do more!  (download on our website)
– Join our small business program, to get your cafe or restaurant on the path to avoiding the top 5 single-use plastics
– Participate in Workshops; book privately or join the monthly workshop in Siem Reap (next one in Khmer is on 26th July, Plastic Free Masterclass will be in English on Sunday 14th July).
– Join PFSEA Plastic Fighters to make more changes in your personal life and meet like-minded people
– Sign up for our Online Course – coming soon! You can register your interest now.

All of these programs are on our website, so pop over there to read more.