#RedefineTheDive – Celebrate this IYOR 2018 with Green Fins and win prizes!

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ANGLESEY, May 2018 – At the heart of every ‘revolution’, every major change in society, is someone who decided to do something however small. Something that they could do, something they had control over. This idea is one of the foundations of the Green Fins initiative. Conceived by the UN Environment and internationally coordinated by The Reef-World Foundation, it leverages the passion the diving industry has for the oceans for positive change. Green Fins helps dive and snorkel operator members find pragmatic solutions to local environmental threats. One by one, each member makes solid changes to their business practices to protect reefs and collectively, we can reach the scale of global change. At the same time, every diver who is exposed to Green Fins through one of the members is changed forever. The complete diving experience turns into an opportunity to not only observe the marine environment but also to conserve it.

The heart of every major change in society, is someone who decided to do something however small, that was in their control. This is Green Fins. Credit: The Reef-World Foundation

The oceans are dealing with intense global threats, left right and center. But all threats, no matter how big or small affect the ocean’s resiliency in the long run.  Any human interaction with the sea has an impact. Green Fins recognises that divers can lead by example. Remember we can’t fix everything. The only thing we can do to protect reefs are to work on the things that we have control over.

An errant fin kick here or there from one diver makes a small impact, but think of how many divers visit that dive site over the year it adds up to hundreds of m2 of damage. As one of the fastest growing sectors, with over one million new divers being certified each year, we have to be aware of the scale of impact being made and more importantly the fact that we can do something about it.

Sample of the new #RedefineTheDive Infographic. Source: Medio et al (1997). Credit: The Reef-World Foundation

In relieving coral reefs of these local threats, we are allowing them to be more resilient to those major threats out of our control. The more we learn about coral reefs, the more we’re realising how adaptable they are. Scientists are recognising that one of the best ways we can help reefs battle an uncertain future is to keep them as healthy as possible. That means every reef user has a vital role to play.

Reef-World is running the Green Fins International Year of the Reef 2018 campaign, with the aim to start cultivating a behaviour change within the diving community, positive change that will benefit coral reefs. Whether you have a direct connection with the reefs as diver, dive guide or instructor, or those a couple of steps away from the sea as a training agency or dive equipment manufacturer, you can all make a difference.



Access the complete version of the #RedefineTheDive infographic on the Green Fins website. Credit: The Reef-World Foundation

The first part of the campaign is almost over! Redefine The Dive delivers new tips and tricks guides can use to redefine how their guests dive. At the same time, dive tourists can use this information to get a deeper understanding of what to expect from their dive shops and dive guides.

Did you know that an average of 70% of divers contact the reef while diving? Do you know why this is considered a threat? Why is direct diver damage so relevant to marine conservation? What can you do?

The new Green Fins IYOR 2018 #RedefineTheDive infographic gathers all of this information in one place!

Knowledge is a powerful tool, and it’s yours to use. Share the infographic with your fellow divers and help save our reefs!

The Reef-World Foundation has also created the #RedefineTheDive Facebook Contest.  By participating you will be part of the community of divers making sustainable diving a social norm, you will be participating to win a Liveaboard trip in the Caribbean with Explorer Ventures, a Fourth Element Thermocline wetsuit or a Fourth Element Hydroskin Rashguard; and supporting Green Fins work.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Follow the Green Fins Facebook page
  2. Like the contest post (pinned to the top of the page)
  3. READ the NEW #RedefineTheDive infographic (www.greenfins.net/iyor) and share your favourite fact by commenting on the contest post.
  4. Donate and support Green Fins work

The contest closes on the 1st of June 2018. Three lucky winners will be announced on the 4th of June 2018. Terms & Conditions.

Reef-World’s campaign partners are:
Fourth Element, Explorer Ventures, PATA, Six Senses Laamu and UN Environment

For more information on the International Year of the Reef 2018 follow this link:  www.iyor2018.org