Reflecting on three years at the helm of PATA

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Three years, millions of kilometres travelled, hundreds of flights taken, countless hotel nights and too many speeches delivered to remember them all. So you may wonder why in the name of god (which ever one you prefer) would I sign up to do this for another three years?

I have met heads of states, royalty, government officials, exceptional industry leaders, small business operators, educators, young talented professionals and students. I have enjoyed my interactions and exchanges with equal interest with them all.

In travelling to the four corners of the globe I have been privileged to discover some wonderful places, and to meet with many local communities and minority groups.

I have had various discussions on new concepts and ideas and I have seen the ingenuity of men and women in action.

The last three years have proven to be a real adventure and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Did we have to make tough decisions? Absolutely. We had to remain sharply focused to ensure the financial sustainability of the organisation. We had to adapt, be agile and be creative in order to develop new sources of income for the Association.

I am delighted to report that we are now in a much stronger position and we are finally able to give back to our members in the form of added value opportunities and benefits.

I was told by our elders and wise ones that PATA was once a leading organisation of great influence. I believe we are back where we belong at the top table, effecting changes for the better.

However, the past three years are only part of the journey. I believe that it will take PATA another five years to reach its final destination. Consider for a minute the world in which we live; the pace of technological changes that are affecting all of us and the political volatility and uncertainty that we witness every day. It doesn’t matter if you are a public sector leader or a small business owner – these issues affect us all.

Our goal is simple. To become true and effective thought leaders and influencers, providing ideas and inspiration that impact upon the decisions made in politics, industry and commerce. I am sure that you will all agree with me that we all need a bit of that!

I know that I can count upon your support in helping me and the wonderful team we have at PATA to achieve and, indeed, exceed our goals. We serve at the pleasure of you, our members, and we will be at your side during the good times and when we are facing threats and challenges in the months and years ahead.

I believe that our Association is on the right track. We have reset the clock – and I’m ready to proceed, full steam ahead, for another three years.

Until next time,

Mario Hardy
Chief Executive Officer
Pacific Asia Travel Association