Selected Northern Vietnam tours for your Spring bucket list

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HANOI, January 13, 2018 — helloVietnam team has chosen out the best selected Northern Vietnam tours for your time away from home during this Chinese New Year.

Spring has come over the country of Vietnam for nearly a month, which means our Lunar New Year is just around the corner. Getting some days off is consequently is a privilege for most Vietnamese people. Obviously, we have really little trouble in finding a perfect spot for vernal breezes treat. However, it may get a bit problematic for a foreign visitor who has never ever set their foot on this S-shaped land. That’s why we are here today to detail some of the best-selected destinations for your Springtime bucket list. Let’s get started with the Northern region first!


1. Lao Cai:

Rice terraces

This NorthWest city of the country definitely should not be missed! Why? Featured Sapa, one of the most visited tourist attractions in Vietnam, Lao Cai is famed with gigantic mountain ranges filled with vast terraced paddy fields. Every time when Spring has come, Lao Cai is fully covered with colourful cherry blossoms and plum blossoms, which all turn the mountainous highland into a dreamlike artistic scenery. Tiny snowy pear blossoms are splendid strokes on the surface of this pinkish picture.

Sapa on a snowy day

As mentioned, the one and only Sapa is where you definitely need to witness. Not only is its landscape a big deal, but also what Sapa has to offer is its extremely unique culture and historical values. Let’s take Fansipan and Ta Phin for instance.

Known as Indochina Summit, Fansipan can be seen as the most favourite destination in Sapa among the Vietnamese locals in the country.


The word “Legend” can be a bit too much for some of you reading this if compared to those who already conquered The Everest or The Alps. Or Tả Phìn – The Red Dao’s holy land, Red Dao ethnic people are famed with their folk remedy for bone pain made of a special type of herb. It can be applied to women after childbirth. From that, they can go work on the milpas within several days after delivering. Visiting abandoned collapsed monasteries and bathing with the folk remedy are other two great deals you should not miss.

Red Dao people


2. Quang Ninh:

Tour operators in Vietnam will not forget to pick Quang Ninh for their top list of New Year journey offers. Just like Lao Cai with Sapa as a highlight, Quang Ninh rewards itself with Ha Long Bay that we are sure you must have heard of when Vietnam tourism has started to rise recently.

Ha Long Bay

Recognized as one of Seven New Wonders of the World by NOWC in 2011, Ha Long Bay features thousands of limestone karsts and isles in various shapes and sizes. The name Ha Long Bay has a literal translation for “the bay of descending dragon”. Thousands of years ago while the Vietnamese were chasing off Northern invaders, Gods sent a family of dragons led by the mother dragon and descended directly from heaven as a group of assistants. While they were busy fighting inland, it was extremely vulnerable regarding naval attacks. The dragons began incinerating the invading ships with their fire, as well as spitting out giant pieces of jade and other jewels into the ocean to form a protective barrier against future invasions. The dramatic islands we see today are the result of the protective jewels dispersed by the family of dragons.

Quang Ninh Museum

What most people usually do in the bay is spending a night on a big boat and come back to the mainland the following day. Choices of available cruise companies are plenty with a reasonable price range. However, if you are not keen on trendy things, there are still tons of interesting activities you can pick from, such as wandering off inside Quang Ninh museum or reveling in the Southeast Asian biggest amusement park named Dragon Park. Kayaking and hydroplane are other unique recreations you can find here.

Dragon Park Quang Ninh


3. Chua Huong – Perfume Pagoda – Hanoi:
Huong Son Pagoda

Huong Son, or Huong Pagoda, is a complex of Buddhist temples and shrines constructed upon the mountain of Huong Tich, Hanoi. Visiting pagodas during Lunar New Year has been one of the must-dos of Vietnamese people following Buddhism. The place is known for its reputation of holiness as well as the poetic scenery around.

One of the most interesting on-site activities is to take a boat trip along the way of Yen stream with over 65 kilometres. The three most divine spots over the complex of Huong Son pagoda are Thien Tru Pagoda, Trinh Temple, and Tich cave.

Perfume pagoda boat

Hanoi is packed with so many temptations. Not only is it a typical transit spot but Hanoi is such a welcoming city for any Springtime travellers also. Almost everything can be found inside its over 3000 square kilometres, from authentic cuisine, tourist attractions to party heavens. The best time to visit Hanoi is usually spring and autumn. Mild drizzle would be greeting you as a welcome sign. Cozy outfits and long-sleeved clothes should be packed in your luggage or else you will be down with flu.


4. Ninh Binh:

With less than 100 kilometres away from Hanoi, Ninh Binh should be a part of your holiday planning schedule. A 2-day-1-night trip will be the finest amount of time.

Trang An

Trang An Landscape Complex, a stunning highlight of Ninh Binh province, will take you roughly 3 to 5 hours for an absolute tour all around the whole site. Trang An is the place where clouds reflect themselves down under the pure lakes, surrounded by mountain ranges linking dozens of wild caves, almost 41 of which were recorded. Some of them even reach the length of 2 kilometres.

Trang An Landscape Complex

Van Long Ecotourism site is another great add-on for any of you who aspire to learn about sustainable development for nature. Traveling by boats is the only choice for visitors. Van Long is the biggest wetland reserve in the delta of Tonkin. The government of Netherlands and Global Environment Facility (GEF) has got their great support in the preservation of endangered and vulnerable animals over the site.

Van Long Ecotourism Ninh Bin

The new year does not always keep people home but it also seems to lure some away from their nest. Spring is the finest time to visit Northern Vietnam, for both Vietnamese inlanders and outlanders. Make sure you take a look at our exclusive trip to discover Vietnamese Spirit during Lunar New Year here for a better insight!


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