Sherin Francis

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CEO, Seychelles Tourism Board

Prior to joining the Seychelles Tourism Board, Mrs Francis was formerly the Principal Secretary at the Department of Tourism within the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.  She has also headed the Seychelles Investment Board for four years whereby she has been instrumental in broadening the marketing arm of the board and raised the Seychelles’ profile internationally as an investment destination. The previous position she also occupied before rising to an executive position includes Director of Investment Promotion at the Ministry of National Development, where amongst her many duties, she carried out research on market trends and promote investment opportunities.  Mrs Francis holds a Bachelor of Arts joint Degree with Honors in Business Studies and Economics, from Manchester University and an M.Sc. in Finance with the University of London.

During her tenure at the Tourism Board, a position which she is still currently serving, she has been instrumental in developing the digital marketing strategy of the board amongst other achievements.