SkyScanner: Natural Wonders top travel bucket list destinations for Hong Kongers

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HONG KONG, Jul 09, 2018 – Hong Kongers are among the world’s most frequent travelers[1]. And while destinations like Japan, Korea and Taiwan continue to be their most popular destinations, a recent survey from Skyscanner reveals that Hong Kongers are looking further afield when putting together their Travel Bucket List of the exotic destinations they would like to visit at least once.

The Skyscanner Hong Kong Travel Bucket List survey asked local Hong Kongers about the types of destinations and travel experiences that feature in their bucket lists, as well as the timeline and anticipated budget for them to fulfil these dreams.

The result revealed that “Natural Wonders” top the bucket list rankings among Hong Kongers, with 28% of the respondents wanting to visit locations featuring mesmerising scenery such as the Aurora Borealis in Finland and the Salt Lakes in Bolivia. This is followed by “Ultimate Relaxation” destinations, like a vacation in the Maldives or the blue lagoon spa in Iceland, selected by 23% of respondents.

In contrast, “City Landmarks” proved the least popular amongst Hong Kongers, with only 6% of them adding attractions like the casinos in Las Vegas and the Sydney Opera House in Australia to their bucket lists.


Hong Kong Travel Bucket List 2018
Type of Destinations Percentage
Natural Wonders

(e.g. Aurora Borealis in Finland, Great Barrier Reef, Grand Canyon, Bolivia Salt Lake, balloon rides in Turkey, Dead Sea in Israel)

Ultimate Relaxation

(e.g. Blue lagoon spa in Iceland, vacation in Maldives, sunset in Santorini)

Wildlife Encounters

(e.g. Great migrations in Africa, penguin spectacular in Antarctic Pole)

A Taste of History

(e.g. Pyramids in Egypt, The Great Wall in China, Eiffel Tower in Paris)

Adrenaline Rushes

(e.g. Skydive in Australia, zip-lining in New Zealand)

City Landmarks
(e.g. Casinos in Las Vegas, Sydney Opera House in Australia)
None of the above 2%

Bucket List destinations are not a distant dream for Hong Kongers

The Skyscanner survey also revealed that Hong Kongers do not necessarily see their bucket list as a long-term goal. In fact, the majority of them (61%) plan to start ticking off items on their list within the next 5 years, while only 3% plan to wait until retirement.

In terms of budget the results are mixed – 29% of respondents expect to spend less than HK$5,000 per destination, while almost a third (32%) are willing to spend more than HK$10,000 per visit.

To help Hong Kongers plan their bucket list travels more wisely, Skyscanner has gathered useful data and tips on the best time to travel and the average airfares to some top bucket list destinations:

Short-haul Destinations


Bucket List Items Best Month to Travel Average Airfares (HKD)*
Blue Lagoon Spa in Reykjavik, Iceland March $7,500
Turkey Balloon in Istanbul, Turkey May $4,500
Maldives in Male, Maldives May $4,100
Skydiving in Sydney, Australia May $5,500
Skydiving in Melbourne, Australia August $5,400
Santorini in Athens, Greece October $5,900
Aurora in Helsinki, Finland November $5,500
Eiffel Tower in Paris, France November $5,600

 Source: Skyscanner Hong Kong data

* Published [June 2018]. Quoted prices are estimation only at the time of publication and are subject to change and/or availability, rounded up to the nearest hundred

Hong Kongers looking to fulfil their travel bucket list can leverage Skyscanner data – including Best Time to Book and Travel Smart Calendar to see the best time to secure a deal, or simply download the Skyscanner mobile app, which offers a wide range of handy features – such as Multi-City Search and Price Alert – to unearth top deals to these destinations of their dream.

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