A taste of the countryside: try being a farmer in Tien Le vegetable village

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HANOI, February 26, 2018 — Although owning a humble modern appearance, Tien Le vegetable village still make visitors feel lost in time when offers an ultimate chance to become a farmer.

Get your hands dirty by involving various types of farming work in the outskirt of Hanoi is the key element of any Hanoi vegetable farm tours. Tien Le vegetable village will offer a one-day full immersion in a sea of green that we hope you never get lost in it.

  1. A short brief about Tien Le vegetable village

Lies in the western corner of the bustling Hanoi and belongs Hoai Duc district, traditional Tien Le vegetable village offers a truly authentic experience in the heart of nature and a low-key lifestyle as well, a completely opposite image with the daily life of Hanoi. The folks call it as “going groceries at night village”. The fact is at small hours of the morning, farmers, in quick succession, have already begun their day by harvesting, packing, delivering, and ready to cater for markets in the city center.

A corner of Tien Le vegetable village

Visiting Tien Le is not only a great chance to witness and enjoy the laidback atmosphere of a typical serene countryside in Vietnam, but you can also know thoroughly about a daily life of the locals. It’s also a place where cabbage, watercress, kale, spinach, Chinese broccoli, and all types of leaf vegetables, in general, are grown in almost corner of the village.

  1. What to do in Tien Le?

It’s not a marked tourist place but Tien Le vegetable village is still well worth the discovery. Many people are even willing to splash money out in this destination to get unique experiences. There are various types of activity to do in Tien Le in the suggestion for visitors. However purchasing in the countryside market right in this commune, partaking in cooking class to prepare a farm-to-table meal, and doing some farming activities are the most common ones.

Once when you get the market, the award-winning vegetable and meat for its trustworthy quality are highly recommended. Get haggling is a must if you intend to purchase anything.

Culinary class 

A short cookery course will equip you a glimpse of home-grown produces, from which one is healthy to what type of vegetable should come with which ingredient. You can even know more about some eating identities of Northern citizens. Eventually, no chance is better than participate in this hands-on experience to catch up on your cooking skills. Under the guidance of the experienced coach, a mouth-watering home-cooked food made by yourself may surprise you at the end of the class.

Being a farmer may hit the highlight of your trip, it’s time to throw your sedentary lifestyle far away and become brisk. An action-packed day with tons of outdoor activities dedicated to farming ones is awaiting you. If you are not afraid of making your clothes dirty, don’t hesitate to put the farming clothes on with farming tools on your hands and make your day amazing. Four major kinds of activity like plowing, growing vegetables, watering and fertilizing will offer a full sense of excitement about being a true farmer. This more-than-110-acre farming village will satisfy you.

Otherwise, it is also a camera-friendly destination. Hence, don’t let your smartphone or camera run out of battery because tons of frame are worth capturing. The dawn and dusk are the best ideal time for owning a gorgeous album. Regardless of being a paradise for photography, a camera also helps you keep the memories through the lively photos.

  1. Does Tien Le own the only vegetable?

Apart from boasting of one of the largest vegetable village in Hanoi, Ruou Mat Cua ( Crab’s eyes wine) is another don’t-miss specialty of Tien Le. Perhaps you are curious about the origin of that extraordinary name and why it is called out like this. Thanks to its exceptional producing wine recipe, when pouring this kind of wine into a glass, plenty of tiny bubbles rise to the surface resembling the limpid crabs’ eyes staring at us.

Ruou Mat Cua is made from golden flower glutinous rice (Nep Cai Hoa Vang), a precious rice variety in Vietnam, with a meticulous process. Its main draw is the tart taste comes first and its sweetness will stagnate later. It makes drinkers’ tongue numb right after drinking and perhaps stoles the heart of many drinkers. Particularly, a keen wine fan may immediately tick this great wine off their list. If visitors wonder how Ruou Mat Cua is produced and why it comes with that flavor, sightseeing the process of making this wine in some locals’ home is not a bad idea.

Countryside wine

Leave and round off Hanoi vegetable village in Tien Le with a can of Crab’s eyes wine will make your trip become more remarkable.

  1. How to get there?

There are different possibilities on how to hit up there, the lowdown below may give you the suggestion.

Located about 20 kilometers to the West of the city center, Tien Le can be reached easily by public transport with bus line 97. It follows the route Nghia Do park – Pham Hung – Le Duc Tho – Xuan Phuong Street – Son Dong intersection and runs every 30 minutes with only 7,000 VND per ticket. However, there are 2 kilometers left between the bus stop and Tien Le vegetable village.

Motorbike is another well-trodden mean of transport that most of the locals opt for due to its convenience. Just a 45-minute drive, from center city, go along Thang Long Boulevard, Tien Le cannot be easier accessible with motorbikes. Follow the signs along the road to get there or simply ask for directions from the locals or motorbike taxi drivers if you’re still confused. You can also come by car but it’s seemingly challenging on finding an ideal parking lot because of a low demand for using the car.

Booking Hanoi vegetable farm tours from some local travel operators is an ideal option for those who don’t to be awash with searching, finding the suitable mean of transport or even a detail itinerary. All you need is just to pack your bag, charge the battery, and be ready to enjoy your journey.

An insider tip is to avoid sightseeing on the rainy days as the road is going to look like something the cat dragged in. Remember to watch the weather forecast before beginning your delightful journey.


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