The Quarterly Tourism Monitor 1Q2019 is now available

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Since 1999 the QTM has been an indispensable source of up-to-date data for more than two decades. It takes a quantitative look at inbound travel for all of the major destinations in the Asia Pacific region and allows you to compare visitor arrivals data by country of origin and how they compare to the same quarter of the previous year.

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Alternatively check out the highlights below:

Key Highlights of QTM 1Q2019:

  • International visitor arrivals (IVAs) into the 34 Asia Pacific destinations that have released first quarter 2019 data collectively hit a new record high of more than 124 million with a growth rate of 5.4 percent and an increase of over 6 million additional arrivals over the same period last year.  

  • In the Americas region, Chile witnessed a large contraction in IVAs by 28.2 percent, leading to a slight decline in the total visitor arrival count of 2.3 percent for the region in this period.  

  • Northeast Asia reported an impressive year-on-year IVAs growth of 14.5 percent during 1Q2019. Macao (+21.2%), Hong Kong (+16.8%) and Korea (+14.1%) led the pack in both percentage and volume increases, and collectively their additional volume of IVAs accounted for 89 percent of the sub-regional net gains of 5.5 million foreign arrivals.  

  • Nepal and the Maldives dominated in the percentage growth terms in South Asia with solid increases of 19.4 percent and 15.0 percent respectively, contributing over 100,000 additional IVAs to the sub-regional total collectively. 

  • In Southeast Asia, Myanmar outperformed its neighbours in terms of percentage growth, showing a double-digit increase of 27.8 percent for the quarter, boosted by strong traffic from China (+130.7%) and Korea (+89.6%).  

  • In the Pacific region, both the Northern Marianas and Palau showed a downward trend of visitor arrivals during 1Q2019, marking 32.0 percent and 22.7 percent decrease respectively due to fewer flight services from China, Japan and Korea. French Polynesia, on the other hand, was the only destination in the region that saw a double-digit increase of 13 percent in this period.  

  • In terms of origin markets, the top five Asian markets for IVAs into Asia Pacific destinations by volume increase generated a collective count of more than 54 million IVAs in this quarter with a 12 percent year-on-year growth. China, not surprisingly, outshined the group with 36.6 million, adding close to 5 million additional arrivals into the region over this period.  


Figures quoted are as of June 2019
Growth refers to year-on-year figures recorded in 1Q2019 
Macao is short for Macao, China 
Hong Kong is short for Hong Kong SAR
Korea is short of Korea (ROK)

The Quarterly Tourism Monitor is complimentary to PATA Corporate Members. Download or purchase the report at

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