Theerapat​ Trungprakan​

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President​, Thai​ Elephant​ Alliance​ Association​

Thai Elephant​ Alliance​ Association, TEAA​ is a collaboration network set up to support the elephant conservation​ attempts of private elephant​ owners​ in Thailand. The organisation​ links every​ source of knowledge and facilities to increase​ the quality of healthcare and​ welfare​ for the domesticated​ elephants​ and people involved.

From year 2020 on, TEAA together with it’s partners are transforming Thailand’s Elephant Tourism to the well designed version called Elephant healthcare-based Tourism for elephant welfare. This will for sure benefit all elephants in human care and people involved.

The Elephant Healthcare-based Tourism is an opportunity for tourism around the World to become part of and support the elephant conservation attempt of those caregivers who work on ground and to keep the elephant population sustainable.