Top tips for the most thrilling Northern Vietnam tailor-made tours

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Cascading rice terraces

HANOI, December 28, 2017You want to visit Vietnam but don’t like to depend on a timeline. Vietnam tailor-made tours will save you. The following content will provide everything you need

Besides Northern tours for holidays, which are already too common for travellers, Vietnam tailor-made tours will bring a brand new breath of fresh air to your holiday. Let’s check out!

When to visit?

It is a little hard to pick a specific time to visit Northern Vietnam because each season has its own beauty. However, according to our experiences, spring, which is from January to March, is the best time to travel to Northern Vietnam. Nothing can be better than watching everything growing in every corner of the land.

To enjoy all of the major sites and main traditional food, you should stay from 4 to 7 days. It would not be a problem if you can spend more time.

Where to go?

There are hundreds of destinations that we can suggest. But, it will take you all day to read. Therefore, these are three most spectacular places, which are considered iconic scenery of Northern Vietnam.

  • Lao Cai

Traveling to Lao Cai Province, many tourists will definitely think of Sapa first. Indeed, Sapa in spring is very magnificent. It is the blooming time for white plum flowers, peach blossoms, and various types of woodland flowers. Standing on a peak of some hill, you will be able to see pink and white colors in harmony, hiding in the clouds.

Also, in Sapa, you can take a look at some famous sites, such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, Ham Rong Mountain, Ta Van, Cat Cat, Ta Phin Village, or Muong Hoa Valley. The people there are very friendly and willing to show you around if you want.

  • Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a favorable province of not only national but also international tourists. Especially, the path leading to the province is a true challenge for adventurers. You will need to have a heart of steel and keep tight control of your vehicle while driving.

Hoang Su Phi – Xin Man path is probably the most special one. Although it may take time to overcome it, you will love the scenery when looking from above. From January to March, it is pouring water season in Ha Giang. The fields are covered with water and sparkled under the sunlight.

Another period for you to visit the province is in November, the time buckwheat appears all over the place. The landscape is so romantic and picturesque that staring out at it will be one of the most exciting things to do in Northern Vietnam.

  • Hanoi

The capital of Vietnam with thousands of years of civilization, Hanoi, is an attractive destination for various tourists. The city is beautiful in all four seasons; nevertheless, spring and autumn are still the most dreamlike and striking ones.

Hanoi in spring is bustling and less hurry than usual. In the atmosphere of a new year, the citizens seem to forget all of their worries and enjoy a once-per-year holiday. You will have a chance to choose some traditional gifts and bring back home at this time. They vary from price to shape, such as potteries, Van Phuc silk, or Hang Trong folk paintings.

Different from spring, autumn in Hanoi is more romantic and graceful. It is the season while streets are covered with yellow leaves, milk flowers blossom, and the weather is most comfortable in a year. Hanoi in autumn is like a beautiful girl, sweet and shy.

What to eat?

  • Bamboo-tube rice (Com lam)

This can be considered one of the most unusual dishes in Northern Vietnam. Bamboo-tube rice is made immensely different from other types of food. Rice is put inside a bamboo tube instead of a cook and roasted. After it is cooked through, the rice is glutinous and sweetened.

And the emotions when enjoying a common dish but in a strange way will be extremely unforgettable.

  • Cap Nach Pork (Thit lon cap nach)

This dish is often seen on the list of Vietnam tour operators’ suggestions for their customers. There is nothing strange because it is an exclusive dish in Sapa. The pork is made from small-sized pigs, grown-up ones of which are only about 4-5 kilograms.

Therefore, when taking initial bites, you will be able to feel how thin the pork is. There are two layers, including the skin and the meat. The skin is crispy the lean pork is very soft. Both of them when combined make a sweet flavor and do not even reach to 2 centimeters.

The last layer is bones, which are also small and soft. Cap Nach Pork tastes the best when you have docynia wine in a party night.

  • Vermicelli and chicken soup (Bun thang)

This is an ordinary dish but very unique to Hanoi people. The reason is the recipe to make it, which is quite complicated and requires a cook to have certain experiences. The dish is a harmony of shredded chicken, sliced lean pork paste, chopped eggs, and noodles.

Perhaps, the most tempting point of this food is the combination of light pink color from lean pork paste, white-yellowish color from chicken, and yellow color from eggs. That is why the dish is not only appetizing but also impressive.

We wish that you would have the best time visiting Vietnam. And we also hope that our suggestions are useful for your most memorable Northern Vietnam tailor-made tours.


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