Trevor Jonas Benson

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Director of Food Tourism Innovation, Culinary Tourism Alliance

Trevor is a socially-minded systems thinker, progressive project manager, and enthusiastic enterpriser. Since 2006, he has supported the development of short value chains and local sustainable food systems in Canada and abroad, including the successful opening and operation of small food-based businesses in Barbados, the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean. Trevor is passionate about collaborating with others to create meaningful change in the way that people experience food and drink, and he enjoys nothing more than working with the communities that make it taste so great.

As Director of Food Tourism Innovation, Trevor oversees the Culinary Tourism Alliance’s social enterprise consultancy, which operates at the interface between the food & drink and travel sectors to grow food tourism at the local, regional, provincial, and national levels. More specifically, he manages highly participatory and asset-based community research and development projects that leverage history, intangible food heritage, and culture to bring food and food experiences to life. This means Trevor has the pleasure of working with destinations of all shapes and sizes and at various stages of development. This also means he’s regularly engaged with diverse groups of food tourism stakeholders in the public, private, and not-for- profit sectors. A recent accomplishment that Trevor is proud to have supported is the successful completion of Scotland’s national framework to grow food tourism.

Trevor is an autodidact with an academic background in Law, Human Rights, and Sustainable Local Food. He is currently developing curriculum for Canada’s first post-graduate in food tourism studies at Centennial College, and he recently contributed a chapter to the Routledge Handbook of Gastronomic Tourism. Trevor regularly speaks on food tourism development. He also works as an associate consultant with Eco-Ethonomics, a social enterprise and social innovation firm that specialises in food system development.